A funny "TRIP" in China

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  1. So this one night I was heading home from my buddy's house blazed as hell. I mean seriously, i didn't even know which direction my home was. I brought 3 joints with me and only smoked 2 that night so i had one left in my cigarette pack. Keep in my mind i roll my joints to look like cigarettes incase i wanna blaze up on my way home from work or what not. so I'm in a cab and half way home I'm feeling like a cigarette(some cab drivers let you smoke in the cabs here) so i ask the driver if it was ok for me to have a smoke. he allows it and just cause i was in such a good mood i offered him one. so we continue driving and this weed odor comes rushing in through my window. so I'm there thinking and trying to see who around me is smoking up however i just can't seem to spot the guy. suddenly i realize i still had a joint in my cig pack, thats when i get to thinking that maybe i gave the driver my joint. so i look for it and what'd ya know its gone.....

    about 10 minutes go by and the driver says in a slow and stoned voice, "holy shit, that cigarette was strong." this moment he reaches for his bottle of water and chugs half of it.

    at this moment I'm panicking thinking this guy might report me or some shit so about 2 miles away from my house i get off. as the guy is driving off i notice how incredibly slow he is moving and his constant swerving in which he almost drove right up the curb of a bus stop....which i found funny as hell xD...so yea...just thought id share this funny moment in my life with everyone...
  2. Awesome story bro, that cab driver must have been hiiiigh with his slow drivin ass
  3. oh he was lol....he smoked an entire joint of asias finest dank
  4. ha poor guy. Think how squinty his eyes must of been

  5. totally although to be honest i don't really remember what his eyes were like but he was chinese nd really high so i guess practically closed xD
  6. hahaha i can imagine the accent an everything, "ohhh soo stron cigaret"

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