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CBD A funny thing happened while on CBD

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by WeedCat, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. So I'm very familiar with full compound cannabis but CBD is new to me. I've been helping a friend trim all last week and was curious to try it after a day to see if I feel anything. He gave me a few buds to smoke.

    So, noticing there was a build up of resin on my hands I ended up rolling that in to a ball and popped it in to my pipe to smoked instead. I didn't feel anything for the first 10 minutes and then I couldn't believe it when I started having hallucinations. The rug was breathing and the white specks in the rug looks as if they were lifted up a few inches. I didn't mind and it was fun but I was surprised. Anyone ever get this effect from CBD?
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  2. How long were you trimming?
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  3. All day every day for a week.
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  4. THAT is, quite likely, the cause for your hallucinations....
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  5. What? Sitting it and inhaling it for a week? Or just having it absorb through my skin?
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  6. No... mindlessly snipping leaves for a week; could drive ANYONE mad!
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  7. Oh! Ha! No, I love everything about it. Good music, good friends, and the smell is absolutely intoxicating.
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  8. CBD doesn’t work like that at all. Either it was a placebo effect or what you smoked wasn’t cbd bud. There is no intoxicating effects from pure cbd bud
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  9. I second this... I use CBD balm/cream & the stuff doesn't get me high but helps with pain :laughing::laughing: if CBD got you high I'd be in a permanent stone:smoking:
  10. I thought exactly like you before I smoked up that fat hash ball. Regarding CBD, it does contain THC. But it must be 0.3 percent or under which some feel and enjoy believe it or not. I'm a long time consumer of cannabis and I would have thought that tar ball I smoked wouldn't do jack but after 10 minutes, I was in a super nice space. Kind of like a mushroom type space. I'm trimming again all next week so I'm looking forward to giving it another go. I might save up a weeks worth and try it when I have the whole day free of responsibility.
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  11. I was dry trimming with my hands so after eight hours, my fingers were coated with sticky dark tar. That's a pretty condensed version of the medicine . Balms would have a fraction of this in one container.

    The thing that is killing me is the hallucinations. I've NEVER hallucinated on high THC pot. It's just got to be the concentrated amount causing this effect but I'm not sure. Like I said, I'll give it another go and report back. Maybe we're onto something.

    Makes me wonder if the CBD degrades or oxidizes when it dries after a while and creates a unique effect.
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  12. I've trimmed pot bare handed for days and passed drug tests for probation..
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  13. Makes sense since it's not decarbed.
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  14. in India they hand rub flowers all day and scrape the remains off their hands for charas ( hand hash) charas ( hand hash) at DuckDuckGo

    CBD activating your inner eye is interesting...
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  15. was that what I did Galaxy? Looking in to this.
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  16. We call it finger hash ...
  17. #17 WeedCat, Jun 23, 2019
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
    I wondered if people call it that for CBD as well.
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  18. your comparing cbd weed to a mushroom high ? Where you already high when you did it ? Sorry man but I don’t think you understand how cbd works
  19. Are you sure that this was even full CBD? I have had some high CBD low THC strains that really wrecked me. Hallucinated no..

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