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A funny but sad storry

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by joshsmokesalot, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. well my step dad past away back in august of this year a cop was banging on my door cause one of our friends had sent a message to my mom via cop lol cause she couldt call her well i was smoking at the moment i was soo baked and i went to the door and i dont know how the cop didnt smell the pot but the message was that my stepdad had passed in his sleep so yea :):( funny but sad
  2. Thats not funny at all.
  3. that's horrible...

  4. hahha i love your avatar... ricky is a boss
  5. I don't know how that's possibly remotely funny, even if you're high as hell.

    It's more funny that you can't seem to find the "." and "," on your keyboard.
  6. sorry for your lost.
  7. thanks its been about 2 months and to all the other people that posted fucktards i said it was funny and sad

  8. you meant to say "the other people that posted ARE fucktards"

    and yes you did say it was funny/sad, but it's not funny at all, its 100% sad.
  9. idk i laughed my ass off when i read the first post after the op but for real i think you thinking its funny is just a way of makeing it seem less tragic sorry for your loss and the cop probably gave you a break cause of the news he gave you
  10. TPB is the best fucking show ever made. I'm going to +rep both of your asses :cool:

    OP: that must have been such a buzz kill. Sorry about that dude. I wouldn't be laughing at the situation, but people deal with shit differently then others.
  11. comeon now, if he can fnd some humor in his step fathers death why cant you? though, i don't understand what happened, a year after he died a cop came around to tell you he died? or he died and the cop came and told you while you were baked? well, find humor in the little things.
  12. he died 2 months ago he died of bladder cnacer and im glad hes dead because he was in so much pain
  13. wtf ?
  14. Sorry for your loss man. If he was a good guy, Blaze one just for him.

  15. wtf are you wtfing?

    to the people saying this is 100% sad and not humorous at all, it's purely opinion, so keep it up. :p

    To OP, I think it's a good story. Although it's always sad to lose someone, it's a pretty funny situation to be in when you were just blazing before you had to go receive a message like that from a cop of all people. I don't know the character of your step dad, but I know my dad would just laugh it off in his transitional state if he were able to see it :p

    Sorry to hear of your step dad's pain, and your loss, but stay happy and thanks for the story.
  16. He means instead of suffering its better that hes in peace.

    I said the same thing about my grampah. He had cancer. It completely destroyed him so quick. It came out of nowhere.

    Fuck cancer
  17. im sorry about your loss but i dont think its that funny it seems like it would have killed the buzz anyways thus onl not because of the cop but then the news gets worse
  18. i know cause as son as he said what had happend my high was gone

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