A fun night... Until the cops got us...

Discussion in 'General' started by Fyasko, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Well this is how it started, Me and my friends picked up a dub from some sketchy ass rich kids house then go to some creeper dock like thing and smoke a blunt. I must have smoked like half of it and I felt somewhat high but not like usual ( I just took a month long t-break too)... So we get in the car and my friends GF drives and she doesnt even have her license So that was a lil creepy lol... So we get to my friends town and pass by some cops writing some tickets... We drive about a mile down the road and we see Blue and red lights flashing behind us, so the cop walks up to the car and puts his head in and says "I smell weed, who has the weed?" then outa nowhere some cop off-duty comes up and says to the cop that pulled us over that he smells weed. At this point im shitin bricks. So another cop on duty comes up, and the first cop says "Hey Rookie tell me if you smell weed in that car" So the rookie puts his head in and goes to the cop and says "Um no, no I dont smell any weed"... Then the first cop says "What The fuck Rookie were bustin balls here" And its was like a load was takin off my shoulders haha... So we just started Bull shitin with the cops for a while and stuff... Then they told us they knew we were blasted and just to be careful. Thank god they didnt ask my friends GF for her license , I think that wouldve ruined everything. So have any of you guys had a experience like this at all?
  2. Fucking cops man... always trying to fuck with people. At least they didn't bust you guys, your very lucky.
  3. yeah your lucky you didnt get an asshole cop.

    This should probably be in Real Life Stories, though.
  4. Oh my bad

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