A fun mothers day indeed

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    Buying my first house
    Saved a nearly dead cat
    Gave her to mom
    Went to work
    Got a fat burrito for a tip

    So I'm in the process of getting my own house. The one I'm presumably getting is up on 5 acres, on a mountain top.

    Full gravel road, 3 miles from the nearest sign of big town life, a mile to my nearest neighbor. now moving in. If all gets approved place is mine :bongin:

    So my old cat, Mama, died after giving birth but she left me 3 wonderful kittens. Beechnut, Grizzly, and Chevron.

    Guess I got a knack of naming cats after chewing tobacco brands, lol

    Today leaving to my step dad's ranch, i found 2 kittens. One was laying on top of the other barely alive and cold to the touch.

    With quick thinking I wrapped it between my hunting jacket and work shirt and booked it into town and bought some hand warmers.

    Brought her to my step dad, by the time I got there the cat was... SAVED. Alive, breathing, meowing and moving.

    Basically that cat made for an impromptu mothers day gift, in addition to the shotgun shell usb drive and bear riding a ATV statue I got mom. Got her all teary

    Went to work. One of my regulars owns a taco truck, gets about 15 gallons of propane and 35 of diesel a day.

    Got my usual tip which is a FAT, bomb ass burrito of all his leftovers from the day. Like 2 hands to hold, eat it with a fork fat.


    Also popped a strut on my Civic, while blasting Today Was A Good Day.

    Fuckin Murphys law.

    Oh well. Cars got 330,000 on it. Shit happens

    So how was mothers day everyone? [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Boring. The usual. Got a hug from my oldest. Nobody really cares, until it's their holiday to get attention, then I had BETTER be on my game FFS. Love the baby kitty! I would have loved that for a gift. Well done!

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