A friggen worm on my bud

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by boomhouer, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. This particular plant is very healthy looking and I believe its getting close to harvest. It came from an outdoor mix so im not certain of the type. I xtarted the flushing with just water this week. I clipped a bud off today to look at it closely back at the house. It was really bright outside today but I could tell the little trizome things are all clear. I havent gotton the 30z mag glass yet, so i took off the end of a binocular and decided to look closer at a bud at the house. The worm was very small but thinking theres got to be more on the plant. Would I be ok to spray them with the boiled red pepper and tobacco juice stuff or what should I try? After seeing some of the hairs turning colors I figured I should try and see the trizone things. Getting that other device tomm, but what do I do incase worms are popping up?

    Thanks for any insight-

  2. Yeah i found a small slug/worm on my top bud the other day. I flicked that fucker off my balcony.

    The "trichomes" the white crystals on your buds will change color from clear to cloudy to amber.

    You want 50% amber trichomes and 50% cloudy trichomes and she can be picked.

  3. Not the 'worms' again!!!! Did it have legs? Likely a caterpillar. If you found one, there's going to be more. Keep looking!

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