A friends first time smoking kb!!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CheebaLaGanja, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. Yesterday a friend of mine came over let's call him M, I was out of mids and he wanted to get high so i busted out the good stuff, he had never tried kb before yesterday and has only smoked pretty weak stuff and not very big amounts of it, so i thought it would be funny to get him really really messed up so i rolled up some good kind bud in a blunt and we started smoking that, about half-way through he didn't want anymore but i got him to hit it a few more times, it was so funny watching him because he was stoned out of his mind we played videogames for a lil while but he couldn't hardly play so we quit and started watching some funny ass movies like how high and cheech and chong nice dreams, he had planned on going home a while after we smoked the blunt but he crashed out on my couch lol this morning he was telling me how fucked up he was lol it was funny as hell but i guess you had to be high/there
  2. it always kicks add brining in a new person into the circle...and the initiation the "first time" is always the best huh!
    i was able to do that to a firend in DAM...was so good....so many memeories....ah the youth!
  3. we got a friend of ours to take a bong rip for the first time, and he had to stop playing video games about 5 minutes later cause he couldn't focus anymore.
  4. ahhahah nice man good frieend givin him a blunt of KB :D now go smoke him a few bong rips of sitky iky dank
  5. this is a really old thread, but im planning on getting some no0bs really fucked up with some dank...all they smoke is shitty weed(seeds)
  6. I always feel so bad for people who don't get good weed...
  7. whats kb?

  8. KindBud or KillerBud, just means really good shit
  9. Haha. Nice stroy. My friends and I picked up a dub of some pretty nice weed and my dealer (bestfriends bro :p) throws in some opium. So, we get back to my house. My friend Nick, it was his first time smoking. So, we pack my pipe and throw the opium on top. After a few hits, he is literally retarded. He takes another hit and SPITS out the smoke instead of blowing it out. He looks down and spits all over his sweatshirt. Then later, I throw on my Xbox 360 and he is sitting on the edge of my bed about to fall off because his face is like 5 inches away from my TV and he is just sitting there with his jaw slacked open looking like an idiot. It was awesome. Gotta love that kid.

    Then, the other day, my friend Stuart came over. He has smoked before, but doesn't do it that much. So after a bowl, he is fried. He's trying to play some Perfect Dark Zero and can't keep up, so he quits that. Then, he lays down on my bed and starts like "dancing" more like squirming on my bed to the music. Then, he'd start laughing for like 5 minutes. This goes on and off for an hour or so before we both pass out. Good times.

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