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a friend's experience...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. lastnight me and a couple friends were trying to get some whiz... so the one guy get's ahold of his boy and he agrees to take them down to the city. so they went, and today ant was all like "lastnight was the first time i was ever afraid to be in the city" (because they were in one of the worst areas you can be in). the dude who was driving was like "lay low and keep your hoody up, 'cause if they see you're white they'll fuckin' kill you"

    it's insane how bad some of the areas around here are getting.
  2. hmm, its ok....

    this white boy stays strapped

  3. lol, even had he had a weapon of any kind... if they saw he was white, he wouldn't have made it out alive... mainly 'cause EVERYONE there is strapped, lol.

    ever see training day? it's kinda like the jungle in LA, but to a slightly lesser extent.

    do you live in the inner city parts of pittsburg stylez?
  4. yep, pritty much
  5. that's gotta be insane. i've lived in a couple bad neighborhoods... but nothing like that.
  6. eh, at times. Just gotta fit in. Im cool with most the people round there tho, juz cause i've been round there for awhile.
    Not as bad as u'd think, but it aint no picnic :p
  7. I know exactly what your saying , i use to be the only white person living in my neighborhood at the last place i lived. The first month or so was pretty ruff , got into a couple fights had someone attempt to rob me at knife point but after about the first month or so things got fine. I remember one day watching a re-run of mtv's real world and a black man and a white women were argueing and the black guy said 'black people cant be racist towards whites' , well thats completly wrong. My neighborhood hated me for the first month or so simply cause i was white, once they got to know me as a person i meet alot of good friends in that area.
  8. i fukking hate racism and am conseqently hated for my strong beliefs but the racist fukkers themselves. thankfully i live in orkney with its 20,000 population so i aint gonna get murdered any time soon by some nazi extremist.
  9. i despise racism, i came from a town of 1,100 people, there were few black people, but they were well liked and very little racism was present. now off at college it is everywhere, it really pisses me off. my last room mate was racist and only around his friends though, it was like he did it to be cool or something what a piece of shit. glad i don't have to be around him any more.

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