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A friend once asked me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by omg nipz, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. "If you say pot is non addictive why don't you stop?"

    because I don't want to stop

    then he asked

    "so you wouldn't stop for a friend?"


    lets just say, he's not my friend any more.
  2. I'm not gonna change who I am and what I do for just anyone, and if you like me for who I am why should I like you.
  3. I feel like I've seen this somewhere
  4. You just gotta brush off the ignorance man it happens. If he's judging you based off of some bud then he's not a friend. One day he will understand

  5. Its a shame people aren't as educated about pot, and how much it helps people.
  6. Sit the dude down in front of a computer, and click that first link in my sig! Bet him $10 that he can't read all the titles in one sitting! The GC version of my List is 420 pages long! (Try it yourself! lol)

    If you want to REALLY "stack the deck", send me an email (see the bottom of my sig) and I'll send you the new 2012 List which is 670 pages long!

    There is a chance you may lose the $10, but he will NEVER look at cannabis in quite the same way ever again!

  7. Well shit man, if pizza isn't addictive then why don't you stop?
    Cause I don't want to stop.
    Friendship ends...

  8. exactly!

  9. People are just so ignorant and judgmental about people who smoke weed. I mean come on for fucks sake it's a plant that makes you feel good when you smoke it. Here's an example:

    I had a friend who I connected with (mentally) and we really got along. For a few weeks this went on and he really liked me. He found out I smoke and boy did he avoid me like the fuckin plague. I approached him about it and he said "you smoke pot you're a bad person." REALLY?!?! Smfh :mad:
  10. Wow Yosh i would be pissed i think 2 people did that to me recently but i just brushed them off
  11. say quit facebook, or give up eating eat, and say for the exact same reason. If it the negatives(none, but in some peoples lives it can cause some) outweigh the positives and its impacting other more important areas of your life then priotize your life and continue smoking. If you dont have a reason to quit, dont. Fuck that guy!
  12. true shit brah. fuck the haters, you just gotta do you

  13. yeah i have a "larger" friend who has never smoked. and ive know this kid since third grade 11 years later we are still tight. for a while he berated me with "stop smoking its bad for you", "its illegal why would you want to do it" and pretty much every thing you could say against marijuana asking me to quit. it went on for months. one day when he told me to quit or he will tell my parents and the school i told him ill quit smoking if he quits eating.
    But seriously
    If you have never smoked the wonder plant known as canabis you wont ever know the pleasures or see first hand how its not dangerous, it leads to already fun things being better, and how its a plant and not a drug. Asking someone to stop doing something they take pleasure in wont ever work unless they themselfs decied to stop. would you stop doing something you considered fun? i wouldn't and i think i can safely assume that most people also wouldnt. What ever happened to tollerating what others do?
    end rant

  14. He's been marketed too. Don't be upset.
  15. its not that your not my friend.... i just don't really give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks about me...

  16. i would go APE shit on one of my friend if he tried to pull that shit. i had a "friend" once like that he stole my brand new assassins creed 2 game a couple years ago then when i started working at foot locker i had to quite cuz i was moving some how he found out but he started to tell all my straight edge friends and there parents that i got fired for showing up to work on some unmentionables i couldnt belive he said that shit to ppl and i had considered him one of the best ppl i new n he stabbed me in the back if i ever see this kid again im really gunna hurt this fuck if he didnt live n hour a way id go to his house i now where that son of a bitch lives

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