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A Friend Is New To Smoking, She Feels Weird.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tirehu, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Okay so my friend (Aged 19) Tried smoking the past few days, i have personaly never smoked with her but she felt weird after smoking the joint a friend gave her. She  started crying/lauging in waves. The crying came then left, and the other way around. is this just some really bad hasish?

  2. Girls are emotionaly unstable
  3. If she does that every time she gets high, then tell her that she should not smoke.
  4. Haha word

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  5. ok your imaginary "Friend" is just high thats all what did "She" expect. lol
    This. Girls, especially ones that are new to smoking can be a complete buzzkill to smoke with. I've had girls swear on their mothers soul that they were tripping balls and hearing things. 

  7.  I once smoked with this one guy, he was really nice when he was sober, but after toking up he would just flip out and go on some Satan trip. Some crazy shizz for real. :cool:
  8. She probably just freaked the hell out, most likely started thinking "oh shit, oh shit", or "I don't feel right..".  I find when you start telling yourself things are going to go ddown, they do.  She just needs to stay out of her head.  
  9. I find women who haven't smoked long are really fucking annoying baked.. They can never handle their emotions or the high and freak out. It's a huge buzzkill to watch that when you just wanna chill and watch a movie or go do something.
  10. So youre suppose to empty your head and float? :p
  11. It's mostly the unstable ones, Cannabis tend to magnify a person's psychological state. But I wonder maybe they were tears of joy? 
    You just have to look for mature individuals that's all. 
  12. That's true. I haven't smoked with any new girls since high school :laughing: I'm sure that had alot to do with it.
  13. Sounds like theres something wrong with her or shes mentally unstable.was she on her period at the time?loll
  14. I'm a girl and I can say this has never ever happened to me.. I don't think it's a girl thing. Because I have had guys I'm with do this too.. Some people are just affected by it differently. No one person gets high the same. Her emotional state (whatever it was sober) was just magnified when she was high.

    It doesn't mean it's going to happen to you. Or that this will happen to your friend everytime either.
  15. I have smoked with plenty of girls who don't act like that, and guys that do; so I am fairly certain it isn't a gender thing haha. That is more of a 'new to weed' thing that usually accompanies those who smoke with a guilty conscious; meaning they still think it is wrong to smoke reefer but still do so and are internally conflicted about it. Not a good mindset to have for anything really... 

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