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A four way fatal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mixurda, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Whats the difference between...
    A Jay, a dutch, a blunt, and a joint?
    Now i've seen some people roll a "dutch" and they peel off the outter paper crack then rewrap with the outter paper but i've also seen people just crack it and smoke it. Does it make a difference? is it a different cigare or something?
    I'm pretty new to this whole weed thing, I've just smoke out of soda cans and my bowl. I've rolled whatever from the above with zig-zag paper though :eek:.

    Also if anyone could link me to an instructional on how to roll a blunt/joint/j/dutch/whatever please do so, i'm not all that great at it but i'm trying to be the roller for my group :p
  2. A joint, or jay is weed wrapped in cigarette paper.
    A blunt is weed wrapped in a cigar paper.
  3. ok a jay and joint are the smae and thats what you have rolled. a dutch is used to roll a blunt.
  4. Just for the future, you should stop smoking out of soda cans, burning the aluminum is terrible for your lungs and health. Roll a dub and smoke that instead :smoke:
  5. a j and joint are just weed in rolling paper, there are 2 ways to roll a blunt, roll the leaf and the inside paper together, or roll the inside paper, then wrap the leaf around that.
  6. hey bro if you want to learn to roll go yo youtube there are lots of great rolling vids.
  7. I hate the rolling vids on youtube :(
  8. Ok. Give me your address. I'll fly to your house, and show you how to roll proper.

    There are resources online. Search on youtube/google "how to roll a joint", if you "hate" what you find, then no one here can help you. Do something for yourself instead of being a lazy fuck and having us spoonfeed answers to you.
  9. Dutch = Blunt
    Jay = Joint
  10. You can just use an apple and eat it after. It's gggooooddd...

    Then what's a dubie?
  11. A dubie or doobie is a joint. Hence the Doobie Brothers. :D
  12. Oh lame.
  13. Yes, much less lame than an apple. :eek:
  14. Noob rolling method:

    -Bic pen(with cap)

    -Wrap the paper around the bic pen and lick so it sticks.
    -slide it most of the way off, leave about a centimeter of it on the pen.
    -Grind your weed, or break it up as finely as you can, the smaller the better.
    -Hold the pen with the joint upright, and sprinkle your broken up weed directly over the rolled paper.
    -Repeat last step until full.
    -Take the pen cap and use the thin shirt pocket catcher thingy to pack the weed down.
    -Sprinkle more weed till its full and pack again.
    -Twist the top of the paper down tighty.
    -Flip pen over and pull joint off.
    -Tear off 2/3rd's of the centimeter left over, and press the end of the joint down between your thumb and index finger.
    -Light and enjoy.
  15. Yeh, i agree, if youre struggling heaps and cant be fucked, just buy a machine... However, there's something more satisfying about rolling it yourself. I really enjoy it. And yeh, those guides on GC are pretty damn good...
  16. #17 Typewritermonky, Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    Joint: Marijuana rolled into a rolling paper (like a Zig-Zag), like a cigarette. 'Jay' is a nickname for a joint, the exact same thing. There are many different types of rolling papers from extra wides to king size papers. My favorite are Elements Rice papers. Perfect papers for beginners and all alike. Go down to your local shop and pick out a few different packs. Find what's right.


    (Your standard joint, jay.)

    Blunt: Marijuana rolled into a blunt wrap, or into an emptied out cigar. Usually swishers or whatnot depending on preference. Dutches are a type of blunt, with an outer palma leaf from the tobacco plant. Traditionally Dutch Masters, White Owls, Garcia Vegas, Games and many other blunts are used and have palma leafs, usually green. This is what they add flavor too and allows a smoother smoke. Also keeps the blunt moist and not dry for a good long time. Most people peel it off for a nice blunt, but some just crack down the middle and roll the whole thing. Different strokes for different folks.


    (Standard blunt)


    (Dutche, with the green palma leaf wrapped around the outside)

    Hope this cleared things up.

    Rolling Blunts:

    Rolling Joints:

    Good luck! Remember, practice makes perfect :D.
  17. You should teach them once you learn! Spread the knowledge man!!! :hello:
  18. I know that Jays and joints are the same, but where I'm from people use joints to refer to rolling with papers and jays to refer to rolling with cigarillos. Blunts are still cigars. I don't buy in to that, but a lot of people use those terms here. And dutches are dutch masters. They have come to be synonymous with blunts in some circles.

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