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    what's up everyone!
    just rolled back from the caregiver's house today with some pictures!! :cool:
    flowering he's got a plant of OG Kush, 1 of Sour D, and one of OG Kush. He also has another OG which he had to move to a larger set-up cause it grew too vigorously. lastly there is a veg room with a few clones (white widow pictured)

    the big plants vegged for 2 months or so and it seems to have drastically increased the yield on the one plant he had to move. the other ones are looking great, still have like 4-5 weeks before harvest. can't wait!! :)


    EDIT: the family is chem dawg on the right, sour d in the back and a big fat OG on the left which you can't really see. hmm what did i misss.. the porn is from OG, as are the colas. oh tyhe tall chem pic from below is the chemdawg.. Phew!!

    P.S sorry for the cell phone pics

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  2. Is it just me or are those kinda long and spaced out?
  3. probably

  4. my sour d grew spaced out too. yours look a little more spaced out. no worries cause sour d is so bomb anyways. :) Whats the set up you guys got?:confused:
  5. lookin at the bright side, spreadin the good vibes!!

    welllll, the setup is not so good but somehow the plants are flourishing!! there is a single 250W HPS light for flowering and that is it!! It's crazy but I guess that all of the more experienced growers that have checked them out are amazed as to why they are growing so well under such poor conditions haha. I forget what he's got in the veg room though. As for soil, it's all organic, using Fox Farm nutes as well as some homemade stuff.


  6. right on man. sounds like a small operation. Keep your light a little closer if you can next time and you might not have so much stretching. Either way, not too bad bro.

  7. thanks i'll keep it in mind. the light is so high due to the plant that was overgrowing the room, and had to be moved. He just didn't lower it back i guess..

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