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A field of green!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 3, 2002.

  1. Not marijuanna, but a 215 acre field of hay and John Deere tractors. Cut hay thursday and friday. Racked and baled hay saturday andf sunday. We had three tractors cutting on thursday. Two cutting on friday and two using Tedders. On Saturday we had two using tedders two racking and two rolling hay. Finished today! Having all John Deere equipment there was green every where.

    BPP have you got your hay done yet. We decided to start on the next two fields next thursday provided the weather holds out! Any body else here in stoner city do hay??

  2. The days of square bales are over for me. Put it in a role and use tractors to move it. The easy way to make hay!

    Not so long ago we hauled all of our hay. I never have missed it.
  3. I let a guy cut and he gets to keep the hay for keeping it cut. Funny, he hasn't shown up yet for the first cutting, and I know its going to be a lean year for cattle ranchers. People are already feeding hay to cows now, with the drought back again.

    Well if he don't want it I got a new finishing mower to pull behind my John Deere.
  4. He better get started soon or the hay will get too ripe. I have already sold my hay. I have two uncles who i am cutting hay with. If anybody down there needs any hay, let me know and we might be able to sell them some.

    Great days to all!
  5. That picture screams "GO BIG ORANGE!!!!!!!!! TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE VOLS!!!!!!!!!"
  6. I was thinkin' more along the lines of "I'm my own Grandpa!" :D :D :smoking:
  7. Is that a picture of Bud Head and his wife from a couple of weeks ago before his baby was born?


    GO VOLS!!!!!!GO TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Bad poppa Very bad!!!!!!!!lol

    It's a good thing the baby doesn't look like us heh poppa?

    Titans better shape up or get out this year. They have been having bad years instead of days lately!

  9. The only reason why I know that pictures not from Alabama, is because none of the three family members are wearing anything that says "Crimson Tide, War Eagle, Alabama, Auburn, etc......."

    But I have heard that Alabama travels to Norman Oklahoma to whip up on them Sooners in Football this year. Early June and the sports talk is already starting up on football here.
  10. why do you sell hay?
  11. Because farmers will pay $25 for each big round roll of hay. Sometimes up to $35 if its coastal bermuda. And for small rectangle bales, the price is $2. Here, I don't fertilize my field so I can only get 6 to 7 bales per acre (an acre is 43560 square feet or aka 220' by 220' or aka the size of a football field)

    Farmers stockpile hay in the summer to feed cattle during winter. But during times of drought, hay or other pasture grasses don't grow. So farmers either start feeding hay then or dump their cows on the market driving cattle prices down.

  12. To make money for grass to smoke? Maybe to feed all these damn kids i have? Maybe to buy a prostitute for a while?

    Anyway just because I do it!
  13. thats cool, i didnt realize all of you guys lived in a place where u could do that or did do that.
  14. Around here it's better to make a little money selling hay instead of bushhogging it.
  15. ............Don't you.........forget about me..


    Don't you...forget about me.....

    ----Tears for Fears

    This 80's moment was brought to you by METAMUCIL.

    What were we talkin about?

    Oh yeah, HAY!

    Just have to go pick mine up. Being a macho kinda dude, I still do it the ol' fashion way. Square bales make strong males, as my granpa used to say, right before we had to put him in the home. Get most of it from our friends at the ranch.

    The ol' widow womans pasture would be good for hay if it could stay mowed, but alas, I have no tractor, no brushhog, and no money. This alone has kept me out of the farmin biz.

    That and I couldn't raise any livestock for sale or slaughter because the womenfolk would give them all names and turn them into pets, and I'd wind up with 20 pet cows!

    NO SHIT!??
    The Tide is comin' to Soonerland to get their face danced on this year? I ain't looked at the schedule yet, but I can see some serious trash talking breaking out about the time the leaves start to turn!

    You coming up with them?

    I'm about 3 hours away from Norman, and I got some good buds that live there! C'mon and party on the plains with me man! Just be sure and get rid of the "ROLL TIDE!" shirt before we leave the stadium. Unless you like fightin. And just remember, DON'T NEVER HIT AN OKIE IN THE HEAD IF YOU'RE LOOKIN TO TAKE HIM DOWN!

    Y'all hayseeds have a good evening!
  16. We'll never forget about the okie smokie!

    Hay it's all good for the animals!

    Keep your nose clean smokie!

  17. I know that!!!

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