A few words on Feminism... (a rant)

Discussion in 'General' started by chronictoker, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Okay.

    I'm going to make this short and sweet.

    I have noticed rampant sexism on this site.

    But, more importantly, I think the feminist movement is looked down on in society as a whole :(.

    I'm a guy. But it horrifies me at how patriarchical our society is...

    Many females I know are even anti-feminist. This girl that I've been seeing a bit, she honestly told me that women belong in the kitchen and that they shouldn't like sports :(. A girl told me that...not a guy.

    And on the airplane the other day, a woman who was sitting next to me told me that this country was not ready for a woman president. She even said that she doesn't think woman could ever be president because they "don't think politically".

    What do you think, gc?
  2. That sounds like ignorance at it's best. I in no way shape or form look down on the woman movement in america. I think it's great what they did and I believe girls can do everything a man can do in this world.

    I don't think our society looks down on women but men do sometimes... Like when in a "guy talk" ya know. Yeah you can hear some derogatory names being said but everybody has their own views on it and some people are old fashioned as hell and very, very ignorant.
  3. HAHA, my wife is a "femi-nazi" and she makes the bacon. If your married to a person for long enough, you become aware of things... like the cycle... and for this my respect for women is immense.

    edit- grains of salt.
  4. I think we shouldnt even recognize woman or men as different. We will soon evolve to be asexual and everybody will be happy.
  5. I think most feminists are extremely ignorant (they somehow miss the massive progressions women have made and would rather constantly make points about how women are degraded because they're used for sex appeal).

    I have no problem with any woman working in any field of work.

    I'm just tired of feminist comedians, they're the fatties that are putting the movement back.
  6. hmm.. i don't think sexism is a problem any more. some guys don't respect women, but that doesn't mean they're sexist necessarily. personally i think a black man should be president before a women..

  7. asexual...damn. I hope not...that'd be nuts.

    I actually agree that women are used for sex appeal in the mass media far more often than men are...and this actually does perpetuate the stereotypes of what it means to be female/male, imo anyway. I mean I am all for free speech/press, but damn is the media sexist and racist.

    I'm sort of into social psychology and how symbols are used to reinforce shared meanings on a societal level. Such as women are supposed to be skinny and have big breasts...that sort of thing.

    But yeah, there has been a lot of advances made, no argument there.

    I don't have a solution per se...the problem is pretty overwhelming.
  8. wanna here a joke?

    wanna know how to make your dishwasher into a snowblower?........hand the bitch a shovel..................hahahah hahaha hardy har har

    just kidding lol i enjoy woman, and i for sure think they should have the same rights as men.

    but as it was said before i definitely know a few girls who truly believe that they belong in the kitchen.......its deeper than that too though, she also believes that women are the weaker between the too
  9. Yellow I knew a joke like that was coming.

    Ah the use of tact is also lacking.

    Enjoy reading the convo on feminism. Nice to see real points of view. As for me...my Mother is the greatest human I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Therefore, it is a disgrace to her if I ever disrespect a woman. I will never disrespect my Mom. I'm almost thirty and been out of the rents home for 12 years and yes...I'm still momma's boy.
  10. its the way its always been in my family. if my dad asks for something to be done its done. and my moms always done all the house work and cooking an shit, its the way its been for hundreds of years........
  11. not to get political but i think if hilary or o bama get elcted either or will get assinated him for being black her for being a female in charge of this country call me crazy but ya
  12. uh yeah. i think one of the mods "bliz-nati" really comes down on people for saying "bitch". His avatar is Lil' Wayne, which is ironic because Wayne's misogyny borders on homosexuality.
  13. What the fuck's your problem bro, just bringing stupid, old, dumb shit up just to start shit with people?

    Nobody asked about moderators and their avatars and what the people in their avatars' views are on women.

    Just let it go.
  14. ...wtf does weight have to do with anything?
  15. Because they're fat.
  16. If you think women are capable of being president, you do not have very much experience with women, and I believe that. I believe very strongly that if an intelligent male spends enough time with females (and I believe I have, a few of my "best friends" were female) they will soon realize they are not on the same level as men in terms of thinking independtly. Traditionally speaking, women are definitley as intelligent as men, but, in terms of thinking ahead and assessing a situation accurately WITHOUT the help of others, women are, for the most part, far below men.

    I do not speak as a sexist, I speak from experience. And it does not surprise me that most semi-intellitent women I know agree.
  17. Amen for honesty my brother. :hello:
  18. i definitely agree, everybody in our society is obsessed with being treated equally, when in reality guys and girls are DIFFERENT and they do think very differently

  19. well i dono about obama

    but hilary i can tell you right now she will be killed, and i say this because my uncle who is a sexist bastard straight up said he would kill her or have her killed, he was drinking when that was said but at the same time he is very serious.....

    kinda sadd people still think thatway

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