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  1. I wrote this today. When I write- I try not to think too much. If i try, in my mind, to put the words down to create a story, to think pre-emptively about what I want to express it never works. After writing this, I was straining to try and identify where the words came from. I am still trying to decide what they mean. I decided to post this on the forum- so you guys can read it and in turn, if you want, submit suggestions, or comments on the meaning of the flow of words. Here we go!!!


    It started off red. It was always red, until now. Permanent qualities- they digress until nothing is there- till nothing is left. The air could be seen, with soft glances of fire and quick breaths of insolence. To reach out- to touch the colorless existence, an existence that once possessed power, is like an escape from suffocation. Quiet, that is what becomes of it- once the color fades into an abyss. And what now?- Will the rainbow find its home in my eyes once again? Will the ocean cease to create the noise that puts the universe to sleep? A natural lullaby. I will find you again, says the flower of many petals, in the grace notes of my mothers song. Until then, the red will be forgotten and the circle that surrounds it will dehydrate~ waiting for yesterday to arrive once again.


    :smoking:I think that I will go and toke up- read this again, maybe then I will have a different perspective on what I meant.
  2. Wow that was pretty deep. I needed to reread it a few times before I could make some sense of it. Although it expresses something pretty intangible it definitely made me feel something. +rep!
  3. Wow man, thats very deep..nice writing.
  4. Great stuff!!
    That's the best way to do things; without thinking about them. Sometimes when I go off on remembering childhood times, I say deep things. But yeah, good shit.
  5. After a wild and crazy night: http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=87395
    i woke up, went out to my balcony- smoked a bowl and sat in front of my computer. I was trying to write a story- I have always wanted to write a book, I find i don't have the patience :(. Anyways,I started writing- and this is what emerged. The words finished itself, I tried to continue but I decided the last sentence was the best for it. Comments and suggestions MORE than welcome!!!! Keep them a comin' :wave:


    I had wanted to write. This is my attempt. In her eyes I saw a woman who had been lost. It was not my place, not my time to tell her what it was that she couldn’t know. Only I knew. The glass that reflected her image told a story that no one could deny. When the movie screen started, a flick of entertainment, she would weep within herself. That was the way it had always been. At times she would blossom like a Rose- and as if she indeed was a flower, would follow the withering schedule exactly. It is difficult, however, to know exactly when a rose would wither due to the variables unknown- climate and temperature. She would always know, no matter what. At that exact moment she would begin following suit, hand in hand with the flowers destiny. That was the way she lived her life, simple beginnings followed by tragic endings. She would always resurrect herself. That is why she had forgotten her name. A name, she believed, should change with the time- mature with the person. And so she would change it, numerous times. She would never use the names of people she had met- it was stealing their identity. That is what she believed. That is why she is so lost.

  6. good stuff, its very poetic. i especially like the 1st story

    sometimes it works great to not think and just write, things just come.

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