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  1. Wazzabee my fellow stonerz! All the help you guys have gave me has been great and i really thank you all for helping me. My oldest plant is about 3 weeks into vegetating stage and the leaves on top have been growing rapidly. I started out with 2 leaves at first, then when i hooked up the lights and the white walls, all hell broke loose. My plant stands at about 6 inches tall still, but with a set of 8 leaves on the top only. The temp. is at 79 degrees and the humidity is at around 50. I know i need more humin in my space but im flat broke right now on loop. The plants stem is looking kinda skinny and im worried if the top keeps growing leaves, it's gonna get too heavy for the stem. I bought this tight fan at wal-mart and it gives wind alright. I want my plant to exercise in the wind so the stem can get stronger, or anything else. If i need some fertilizers or what so ever please help. Also, when i got the fan over it, do i put it right by it so the wind can make it move to side, or do i put it over it making my flower rotate in a funny way ( it dosn't harm it or anything). Any tips or suggestions will be great.

    Peace 'n' Bud
  2. I really need to know how to make my plants stem stronger. 2 more leaves sprouted overnight & it seems to be "tilting" abit. The plant isin great shape and it's getting all the attention in needs. It would be great if you can help. Thanks for your time.
  3. Your plant may be growing too fast because of poor lighting. You didn't say what kind of lights they are under? If it is floros, then the tops of the plants should be no more than 3 inches away from it. They sound like they are stretching for light and if they do, then the weight will eventually bend them over and the stem will pinch off and they will die.

    If it isn't too bad right now, try an oscillating fan on low-not too close-so that they bend a little one way and then the other as the fan moves back and forth. This will help strengthen them over a couple of days.

    If they are looking really weak, you had better put a stick in the pot and lightly tie them each to their own stick with something soft. (Hemp string works really well, wouldn't you know it!) Cotton string will work too.

    Good luck.

    Peace and love

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