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A few tips for not having bad highs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 124112, Aug 7, 2011.

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    So my consciousness is rather elevated on the ladder of infinity right now, and I am in the mood to pass down some wisdom.

    Anyways, I'm always seeing posts in this section about bad highs from smoking weed. I've gone through that kinda shit many times in the past, and have learned a lot from it.

    Know your limits, don't "cram". Marijuana IS mind-altering, and can change your current senses and perception of everything pretty drastically and quickly. It's best to just ease into a high. Don't power-hit it, you're not on a 30 minute lunch break (unless you are ;)), take nice easy hits, exhale, contemplate the next one, and then take the next one. There is definitely such thing as overdoing it.​

    This goes for all psychedelics. Setting is very important. A little bud in a social setting definitely lightens up the atmosphere, but getting too high can be uncomfortable. At certain levels, all you want to do is chill without interruptions, and let your thought process reach out the extreme unknowns. Always make sure that you are not smoking in a sketchy place, with sketchy people, avoid strict deadlines and schedules, and stuff like that.​

    Your brain has a lot to process while high, so it's best to maintain a decent sleep schedule. Believe me, when you are in the half-conscious state of mind that follows with getting less than minimal REM sleep, your sober day will suffer, and your highs will suffer even more. When this happens, you may feel like you never want to smoke again, it's that bad. Everything is just... terrible and different. Sleep well the next day though and everything will go back to normal.​

    You should eat well before a good session, and make sure you are full. When you are hungry and high, it's pretty hard to stop from eating pretty much every damn thing that can be eaten safely. Refrain from snacking too much, as when you realize how good that first food tastes, you might automatically start raiding your fridge. This is very unhealthy, you can over-stuff yourself, get nasty shotgun diarrhea from shitty fast food (Taco Bell), and more. Not to mention the act of digesting will degrade your high very quickly.​

    Well that is it for now, if anyone wants to add anything to this list feel free to.

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  2. This is awesome, very helpful. I haven't had a bad high yet, but good to know the little things that have helped you avoid them. :-D
  3. Great start bud! Good idea too.. Here's a few I can think of.

    Stay hydrated before and after your toking session. Water can be nice for a sore throat also during toking..

    If you notice a bad high coming on, try not to focus on the anxiety or bad mental thoughts. Instead, focus on your breath and breathe deeply and slowly. Tell yourself it's going to be alright, and there's nothing to be worried about.

    To add to the food, it helps to make sure you are eating a healthy diet too. This was my problem when I used to get bad anxiety. My diet was terrible sober or high, and I wasn't getting the right nutrients/vitamins so my high would be terribley groggy and just overall unenjoyable.

    Going along with amount, I've found that the larger hits tend to cause more anxiety sometimes because of the "rush" accustomed to it. If you find your getting bad anxiety from toking too much, try taking smaller hits. It can help ease you into the high.
  4. Good stuff so far. If you're having a bad "trip", don't try to fight the high, you'll never win. just lay down(avoid laying down on your left side though, as this may cause a panic attack), take some deep breaths and tell yourself that overdosing on weed is impossible and no one has ever died from it.

    Usually this only happens to new smokers, as they don't have a tolerance for it yet. Don't worry, your high will change soon so instead of worrying about it, enjoy it while you still can cause I know I can never get that blasted again no matter how much I smoke now.
  5. Very true. Panic attacks and overly intense highs are what people have to work through their first few times. As a person who likes to convert "straight-edges" into stoners, it is an obstacle I have to help them overcome.

  6. definitely true about the sketchy situation or bad mindset. I had a period of time where I was always freaked out every time I got high but that was like a year ago. But a few days ago I smoked some resin and got mega paranoid for some reason. I had anxiety so bad my feet, face and hands were all tingling and totally numb and, I shit you not, my hands were literally locked up in place. I just sat there and dealt with it for like 10 minutes. It totally blows.
  7. Oh yea, another big one:
    Exercise, either cardiovascular or strength training, is very good not only for anxiety but also depression. Biochemically it helps by mechanisms I won't care to discuss here, but you can google it if you want. But also mentally, because it's pretty difficult to have anxiety when you have already experienced some of the symptoms (increased heartrate, sweating, etc.) while exercising. Seriously, try it, it helps a lot.
  8. This is some good advice, as a casual smoker it took me a while to start to figure out what worked decently for me.

    When I was younger I was almost always a social smoker, we'd smoke up at a friend's place or in a car than go walking around town, hang out, or as we got a little older even go to a bar.

    As I got into these days my late 20s I smoke alone more than with others (just because many of my smoking friends either aren't nearby) and found that at first when I smoked alone I'd always overdo it. Its one thing to pack a full bowl with 2-3 people and take a bunch of hits, its another to smoke that whole bowl alone when tolerance is low. With friends it was always "hurry up and lets get this thing beat, all while looking around for signs of trouble." Now I can take it slow or just take a few hits and be done.

    Setting is def important, I always felt weird walking down the street at night smoking with friends, we never got in trouble but it def added to paranoia and anxiety. Now if I'm alone its in my place where I'm secure and have a few hours at least to chill before having to go places or do things.

    Going along with setting like OP said, food and beverages are important. I try to have everything I need in place before lighting up. Snacks, nearby water, cough drops, stuff like that to be prepared.

    Additionally and I think more importantly if you smoke alone at times is having good music or a movie on while you smoke. Silence (day or night) can lead to bad trips, I've found late night smokes alone lead to higher paranoia than day time, but music or a movie helps keep me focused. You could also do something that engrosses you and takes your mind off any incoming bad vibes.
  9. Yes, complete silence makes me see things while blazed, like ghosts, and imagining spirits and voices and stuff like that. It's very weird, and not cool.
  10. You missed the most important one.

    being a pussy.

    Using that step, you'll never have a bad trip :smoke:

  11. this.
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    So needed. Super awesome, great work man. Need more people like yourself here. You should incorporate the quality posts people add into your first post.
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    You said it right there, I think of all the crazyiest shit in the world. Sometimes leads to bad highs but a funny ass movie or and good video game takes that all away. Btw funny ass game while high? Bullet storm.
  14. low stress... Just had a bad high because I was under too much pressure. I'll make sure to relax next time though ;)
  15. Very helpful.

    I've number 1 and 3 at the same time, and I can vouch that it sucks majorly lol. I didn't want to smoke for 2-3 days after that.

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