A few thoughts while high

Discussion in 'General' started by marquise10, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. What's some shit y'all thinking about after u smoked one??
  2. I realize that most people aren't as "tough" as they seem. They put on a tough exterior, but you can see that everyone still has scared, childlike qualities to them, and the whole tough adult thing is usually fake. Everyone is afraid of some things, and most people are more innocent than they want you to think.

  3. I think about how I want more weed to smoke. :smoke::smoke:
  4. The fact that some day I will die.
    I also remember one time I was playing call of duty on Xbox and I found it amazing how it was like my hands were controlling someone in the tv and that I was playing the same game with other people in the world
  5. I have made a point to be extra violent these days lol. Just tired of people thinking im a push over hippy.

    Got in a fight the other day and I beat the living hell out of the kid, then I took out my big ass knife and told him to never fuck with me, my friends or my family again. He cried a little. It felt good. :D
    (He started it)

    Ive really just been thinking how peace solves nothing. Humans are violent creatures and they only understand violence. Peace through anarchy!
  6. I like to think about how exactly we got here.. the universe people.. religion has flaws... the big bang theory has flaws. And what death would be like if we just cease to exist. Like no heaven or hell or being a ghost like if death is it. How does that feel.
  7. Tall people theoretically walk in fifth gear and short people walk in first gear
  8. I usually think that I'm not high enough
  9. I think about life & the decisions I made. I think about how exactly we got here. Also I think that I need more bud ASAP
  10. I think about how everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey.
  11. I am usually thinking, "Where the heck are the doritos"
  12. I'm fearless...And it will inevitably kill me.:cool:
  13. Positive things mostly. Which I almost never think about when sober. Usually it depends on who I'm with or what I'm doing. Crazy theories on the universe and different riffs and drum beats and music related shit takes over most of my thought process when stoned.
  14. Mostly just life

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