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a few stoner moments

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by stoned_soldier, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. yesterday i had a few stoner moments

    walking around downtown looking for a store. i passed it maybe 3 times before i realized that all they did was change the name of the store.

    went to harvey's and they asked if i wanted everything on my burger. said no, and ended up choosing everything.. god i was stoned

    please share your stoner moments lol
  2. Ok
    Me n my friend went into mcdonalds lookin for my friend who works there. I started to daze off lookin at the menu. Then the guy who takes orders came to the register n got all ready to take my order, he asks can i help u, and i replied " nah im just lookin", n my friend started crackin up. I meant to say nah im just lookin for my friend but it didnt come out right.
    o well
  3. i was layin down on the couch and my brother asked me to come talk to him so i jumped up off the couch and ran to the stairway. i got a headrush from jumping up so fast and as i sat there talking to him, my head got all dizzy and shit and i zoned out and started to lightly trip right there while he was trying to talk to me. when it went away he just looked at me and said "you didnt hear a word i just said did you"

    i could only answer no lol
  4. One time when my friend and I were stoned, we went to Dunking doughnuts to eat. the guy working there knew we were stoned. We ordered one doughnut apiece, but when I looked in the bag, it was filled with at least half a dozen doughnuts. Nice people are awesome.

  5. all i can say to that.... holy fucking shit that is hilarious!!
  6. I was sitting at home and decided to go to bojangles to get something to eat so I got there I walked in everyone could tell I was ripped and stood there for like 20 min. and the guy comes up to me and says you want chicken and I said no I want a 12 piece. I just realized I didnt use to much um that once stuff that ends sentances and divides them I cant remember the word. I am ripped out of my gord right now.

    PS the herbal essence I got last night was the greatest weed I have ever smoked. GREATEST EFFECT EVER
  7. Lol... man, I have too many, but I can't remember one... so i dunno if i have many at all... man... im so fucking high :D MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE MINDS OF REMEMBERING THINGS YOU DID 2 HOURS AGO!
  8. "Marijuana is natures way of sayin HI" - Method Man

    Did Meth bite that line? I know for a fact that line is from a Pharcyde song.
  9. Tried over and over to light a filtered cigarette backwards.
  10. me and my friend hungry late at night and DD is open 24 hrs here

    we go in and order breakfast sandwiches and donuts :-D yummy good so then we're like yay get to eat our food and we start watching tv

    guess who walks in..a state trooper and a city sheriff. they both get a coffee and sit at the table right adjacent to ours. we are like shitting our pants, our eyes are a dark red shade, and we have all this food. this was after a blunt and a few bongs between a few people. we sit there for a little while, we probably stunk like pot, and i tell my friend not to do anything for 5 mins so we dont look suspicious

    we eat a little food, and im like cmon get ur food lets go.. i stand up ..cop looks me right in the eyes, says " Have a good night", and the other cop turns around too. scariest shit ever! i give them a nod and i walk out and we take off and get the fuck outta there lol

    soooo fuckin scary
  11. i was just in antibes, france. and i swear to god the whole country has about 3 bathrooms, so i was walking around looking for a bathroom and i accidentally walked into somones apartmant that i thought was a store.... at this point some crazy french dude is yelling at me to get out of his house and i run out of what i think is the door......... it turned out it was a mirror
  12. the other day after a good smoke i was sittin around and i had to call my dad but his number and my number are the same excvept for the last number. so i ended up calling my cell from my house phone and i started freakin out because i thought someone was in my house lol
  13. i was baking once watching that 70s show and i had all my stuff on a little table in front of me and i was just sittin back enjoying myself concentrating on the tv. and then the kids dad Red walks into a room on the show and it just shows the door and him coming through it. and so i saw that and thought i was busted i rushed to cover all my shit before i realized it was just the tv and i laughed at myself. once i woke up with a massive morning high from the night before i and i go out into the living room where my mom and sister are and i sit down and say man im sooo high. i meant to say hungry but for some reason the word high came out. and my mom said what did you say? and i said HUNGRY IM HUNGRY and my sister who was sitting next to me said busted. but my mom is clueless and didnt know.

  14. LOLOL

    my best stoner moment:
    I got on ebay and bought
  15. left my house with 2 joints one for each trip, my first goes fine, coming back i pull off to a side road pulled it out and was like "WTMF WHERE IS MY LIGHTER?!?!" im franticly searching and was gettin depressed cuz i yhought "NO SMOKEY!?" then i start to wonder whats between my theeth, ... my lighter was in my mouth :(
  16. i get all worried about where my cell phone is all the time only to realize its in my hand. Another moment is going to wendy's and ordering 5 jr bacon cheesburgers, or going to McDonald's and geting 3 McChickens and 3 Double Cheesburgers and MIlkshakes, so good
  17. my best moment happened when i went to mcdonalds and asked for a medium coke a medium fry and a medium cheeseburger and i repeated that like 5 times before i figured it out
  18. ok so this happened like a few months ago so i dont really remember it too well and i am buzzed now so it may not come out right.

    so we were at this party the night before. we got totally trashed, drinking, smokking, everything.

    anyway, we passed out at i dont know what time, but we woke up still drunk and decided to bake right away, then we had to leave the kids house so we head out to some local bagel store.

    there were 3 teenagers about our age working there, 2 guys who seemed like stoners and some girl who seemed like a drinker/smoker.

    so we're trying not to act too noticeably high. my friend is like "can i get an egg-sandwhich?" and the guy workin there was just like "i dunno, can you?" and of course for some reason we started laughing at that.

    then when i was about to order i realized i only had a dollar on me, and the girl must have realized that i dunno. cuz i looked up at the menu and saw something for "one plain bagle: $.99" so i was like "can i get one plain bagle, chocolate chip please" and then we started laughing at that.

    she proceeded to ask me if i wanted anything on it and i thought this was all inclusive of the $.99 so i said sure give me the works.

    she ended up toasting it i guess and putting loads of creemchease on. i guess it rang up to like $1.67 or something but i just handed here the dollar bill expecting to get a penny back or something and then she was like "oh uh it costs more then a dollar but dont worry about it."

    and wow this seems like a super long post i dont know why i didnt just condense it but i guess im not thinking.

    good times; meatwad gets the hunnies shee.
  19. When i first started smoking, i was packing a bowl in the back seat of my friends car and i had a open bag of weed and a open bag of fritos. atfer i packed the bowl, i put my hand in the bag i thought was the chips, and put a pinch of weed in my mouth. i was like wtf and spit it my my hand and put it back in the bag and i never told them and we ended up smoking it. it was funny shit.
  20. last night i walked from my friends house to dunkin donuts at 3 am. as i was walking in a cop pulled in the drive through. after i ordered i sat down at a seat, alone, scared shitless, drunk and high, and started eating my donuts. then the cop came in and started talking to me. i think i was nearly busted becasue there is a 11 pm curfew in the little shitty town my friend lives in. i think he let me live because i told him the name of my friend, who's dad is also a cop in the town. anyway, i sprinted back the three blocks to his house. i hope my good luck prevails in my pot smoking career. *prays to buddah*

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