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    Let me know what you think



    Kicks in at :48

    I'd be smoking joints by the packages
    Hot boxing palaces
    Matresses so comfortable they be givin me paralyses
    Be done with all my classes
    Just passing weed now with no worries of my taxes
    Only having flurries of hot asses
    Glasses by the masses you'd never see my eyes again
    Gems on my rims with bud crystaled to them stem's
    My kin would live great from then on
    Dusk to dawn smoking bomb in the amazon
    With big lawn's of medical sorted alphabetical
    Only eating edibles living life like a festival
    Professional's getting flexible on my testicals
    No more poetical textuals or being skeptical, cause yah see


    I'd give the homeless nice apartments
    Take orphans from the heartless
    Take em to the tropics n give em all fat wallets
    Take off in a rocket and grow hydroponics on the moon
    Getting loony as a toon keep gettin higher like a balloon
    No room for hate I keep medicated
    Un gravitated situated off the ground
    No commin down when your surrounded by pounds
    I would never frown again with the sweet sounds of melodies
    Give a billion to charity to help out the disparity
    Fuck the popularity I'd do it for sincerity
    Ridding the vulgarity taking people out of therapy
    We all need the clarity dreaming of billionaire prosperity

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZItOH-RxWA]Jay-Z Young Forever Instrumental With Hook.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

    Kicks in at :56

    We grew up in a cruel world
    Vision's swirled scared as children all we did was curl up
    Under the covers wishing to wake up
    From this nightmare with no care
    To share with the misfortunate we should
    Proportion it with everyone's coordinates
    Corporate commits larcenies before giving pennies to the poor
    Army's start war's off shore rather than help restore
    Why can't we just adore the gift of life instead of taking it
    And love equally instead of faking it
    It's so degrading it's breaking me
    American's over accommodating everything
    Living like kings with expensive rings and things
    That we don't need
    Giving into the greed that we all have face
    Were treating life as a race
    We need to help everyone keep up the same pace
    Leaving no one to finish in last place
    Backspace faith and just forget about all our differences
    Judging religion is just ignorance


    Life's simple as a child
    Got a while to play wild with no worries
    No hurries, we just journeyed with no controversies
    While parent's in their thirties deal with attorneys
    Seperating their bank worth cause they can't stand each other
    Kids inherit step brothers n sisters their crying in whispers
    Words they wanna speak stuck in their mouths like blisters
    Consider the big picture some people are worse off
    With just the cloth on their back and a moth in their stomach
    Feeling lower than you would if you took a plummet from a summit
    To sum it up be grateful that your alive
    So don't deprive yourself to thrive
    We all arrive with nothing and that's what we take with us when we die
    Never lie and rely only on the one's that you can trust
    Earths crust is full of disgust with people
    lusting over items that eventually turn to dust
    Across seas kids have to cusp their hands just for water
    And will get slaughtered if they dare come out as a daughter


    I'm still a youngin on this earth
    Who's been makin my worth since my 92 birth
    I've only seen things get worse
    From the hearses of nine eleven
    To the rebellion with weapons
    Sending more soldiers to heaven
    We need to learn from our lessons
    That aggression just threatens our life's
    Black, brown, or white we deserve the same rights
    We walk through the same light and see the same sites
    Forget stereotypes just hit the pipe and get hyped
    Be polite to your neighbor and respect your Mom and Dad
    They may make you mad but their the reason your able to be glad
    Go grab your confidence and don't you dare hold back
    You lack nothing that should ever whack you off of your track
    Stay true to yourself and maintain the front spot on the shelf
    And never let wealth disdain your mental health toward another
    Because we are all brothers and the earth is our mother
    So love her like a lover and you'll discover you feel forever younger



    Kicks in at :11

    My momentum's fading heart starts violently racing
    Tracing me back to a place when I saw nothing but hating
    It was degrading them making me out to be just a lame
    No fame for me my mind became tamed to contain my anger
    everyday talking shit with strangers
    I'm warning you bitches I am nothing but danger
    I controlled my behavior but it didn't make me feel braver
    and this marijuana makes me feel nothing but stranger
    I used to scream fuck the world because of how I was treated
    It felt like if I was put in heaven I wouldn't even be greeted
    Feeling defeated I heated up bowls and blunts
    and shut out my problems that I needed to confront
    I was six foot two in middle school man it didn't feel cool
    I took ridicule and drooled in my class like a fool
    They used to grin at me because I never did fit in
    My chin lowered and my blood boiled under my skin
    I wanted to thin their chins until the cops pulled me off
    Hit them until they coughed up blood all over a cloth
    They thought I was soft because I would never fight back
    But I was raised to walk away instead of attack
    I got panic attacks from smoking too much weed
    It was the worst feeling ever it was the last thing I needed
    So I pleaded to God can't you just help me out
    I feel like a flower in a drought and I am dying to sprout
    I used to dream about the day that my life would get better
    Sometimes I contemplated writing suicidal letters
    But I would never do that I could never take my life
    Fuck letting their strife deprive me of having kids and a wife
    I've been through a lot my parents always sought to be fought
    I quickly caught on and understood how each of them thought
    It's not about who wins it's about who raises their chin
    and get's cleansed off of the sin to begin their peace within
    Back then I didn't know it but life is just a struggle
    Easy money gets you in trouble making it double hard to hustle
    I could manage to juggle three bubbles before I ever get rich
    I wish for point oh six percent out of what Bill Gates gets
    But that's not how it works you have to start out as a clerk
    And assert yourself to the top until you can give yourself a big smirk
    Don't mind all the jerks what can they possibly hurt
    Don't ever let anyone divert you from your dirt
    Because your ground is your own
    And your sound is your tone
    So get loud on that microphone and say leave me the fuck alone
    I went from mentally feeling as small as a gnome
    Now I'm a giant prone from hate registering into my dome
    If you've ever been alone believe me I understand
    Damn worlds expanding me like America's waistband
    I'm reaching for someone but I can't be with her
    She's like a gem and I'm the flowing water making a whisper
    Antagonizing like a blister I drown it in bitter liquor
    Were so close but far away like Earth from the Big Dipper
    I'm hindered from the splinter you left last winter
    I get swifter like a twister as my breath gets thinner
    There's no victor or winner I'm iller than a sinner
    I need a sitter to make sure I don't do anything embitter
    But I'm slicker and quicker so I run out into the streets
    And crack concrete as I'm running to were she sleeps
    I love you more than life girl will you please be my wife
    I've never felt such strife it feels like a sharp jagged knife
    I'll be with you for life I've gone halfway girl what do you say
    You'll never have a cliche of dismay if you just say Ok
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