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A Few Simple Questions...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tmgrg, May 20, 2013.

  1. So I'm pretty new to both this site and weed in general, and there's a couple of things I've been wondering.
    1) When I roll a joint, I always use tobacco because when I don't it burns really fast for about a second then it goes out, not a pleasant experience. How do I avoid this?
    2) I've only ever seen people use a roach to roll, but on here people talk about not using one. What do you use instead?
    3) What is 'tripping' with reference to weed? I've only ever heard it referring to psychedelics, which in my experience weed is not.

  2. 1. joints go out if ur not smoking them. it's a good thing so u don't waste ur weed.
    2. Don't understand the ?.
    3. when someone refers to a bad trip, it is usually anxiety related. they can't control their high and/or are too high. have a hard time breathing and get paranoid. it happens, but the important thing to remember is ur not gonna die from weed.
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    1) I put tobacco in my Js too. It's just that weed is too expensive, also because the joint burn better...  I think that in Europe 60-70% of people put tobacco in their joints too.
    2) I only roll joint with roach. Waaay better then "classic" joint. Smoking session is more enjoyable, weed doesn't go into your mouth etc..
    3) THC is a mild psychedelic. You can get a little trippy when super-stoned  :smoking: (Obviously nothing to do with acid trip or mescaline lol)
  4. Ok, 2nd question I mean what do people use instead of the little piece of rolled up card? Because I've heard people saying like 'some people roll up card to use as a filter' - what is the other option?
    Thanks on the others, I'm from UK and everyone I know puts tobacco in unless using a bong. 
  5. I use tobacco if i'm running low. and just fill ur joints up evenly and there is no need for a "roach". I've never used anything in the tips. but it may just be a cultural thing.
  6. So you just have a long roll of paper and weed? I might try that, I understand what people mean by 'saving the roaches' now :)
  7. hell yea. fill it up and smoke it till it burns. :smoke:
  8. 1. You might not be packing the joints in tight enough if only a bit burns quicklly off.
    2. If you fold the paper in on itself at the end you will be pulling smoke from, it works to keep the plant material in the joint.
    3. The people I smoke with use the term "tripping out" when someone is having an anxious high, or when they're just so high they're not paying attention to anything that's going on.
  9. Weed is a mild hallucinogen, but you cannot "trip" on weed. You can have awesome highs, or terrible ones, but neither of these encompass the capacity of tripping.

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