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  1. Hiya all...

    just a few quick questions if any one can help me.. Has anyone had any experience growing 'Master Kush' indoor (preferably).. Any idea on the ease of growing / yeild / potancy on this fine looking w33d?

    Same questions really for anyone that has had experience growing 'Iris', also (one more!) anyone that has had experience with 'Green Spirit' .. all the seeds are Dutch Passion Feminised ..

    Any help is really appreciated, cheers guys ..

    Heres a pic of Master Kush.. I love the look of this one :)


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  2. Thats one fuckin beautiful plant but how is the smoke? Go ahead and try growing it. set up a nice place indoors or if its warm where you live definately take advantage of the outdoors. []Deace
  3. I just read a grow journal the other night on master kush. the guy grew it under some 125w EVLs and the plant was great he said. nice buds. easy to grow. decent yield. he also had feminised seeds. he took a few clones and some went male i believe but that happens with feminized seeds sometimes.
  4. I'm growing 3 Kush Amsterdam Flame at the moment. They seem to be pretty hardy and grow well. Don't know if these are the same as Master Kush but close I'm guessing. Will post pics in my journal when they bud and such, still in veg now.


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