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A few quick questions before beginning my first grow....

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 420 Hero, May 31, 2009.

  1. Greetings and salutations to all. I've read this forum a few times in the past but had never registered as a member. Now i'm beginning my trip into the world of growing and got a few questions that hopefully the community can help with.
    First, i'm looking into the auto-flowering strains, lowryders & dwarfs. I was actually surprisedto find as many strains in those classes as i did. My question is has anyone ever used these types (auto-flowering) and if so, what kind of yields did u get? I'm hearing 1-2 oz per plant. I'm planning to grow thru soil, outdoors, no artificial light so the auto-flowering idea seems good for me. But, will it REALLY "auto-flower" without any help and reduction to daylight hours??
    Second, any idea what the best kind of potting/planting soil would be to get started? Something that maybe i can find locally and not have to order thru the internet.
    Last, i'm glad to finally get this thing off the ground. I've been into the scene for many years but have never paid enough attention to grow my own. It's exciting to see all the forums, communities and web-sites out there available to us. I'm open to any advice i can get. I'll listen to any good suggestions from honest growers. Thanks........
    420 Hero
  2. first off, welcome to the city.

    i personally have never used autoflowering strains, but ive read a bunch of people that havr had success with them.

    and if they really are autoflower, then they should " auto flower".

    for soil, use an organic mix from a local nursery.

    good luck with it dude.

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