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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KALiBERRRR, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. ok i bought a dime bag of regs a few days ago and it came with 10 seeds in it... lol so i thought this was my chance to start the growage. i soaked 3 paper towels with coldish water, put the seeds on, and folded it over, putting it on my desk. first question: when the weed i bought was dried, didnt the seeds get toasted too? therefore not having them work? my friend said he tried growing seeds a few times and they never sprouted. this is day 3 of having my seeds, i just recently read a post on this site about putting the wet paper towel in a sealed container, so i just did that.. do you think the seeds still have a chance to sprout? :confused:
  2. They could sprout but they may not have the genetic traits you desire hence why most people buy seeds from a seed bank. It is possible that the seeds will sprout, you need to wait and see. Read the sticky threads on this forum, they give information about seeds and germination.
  3. Buds are dried to be smoked, that process doesn't fry the seeds. The problem with bagseed is not that it is poor quality but that it is unknown, could be crap or could be excellent,

    How did the seeds you are germing look? Were they brown or grey, possibly with dark spots or stripes? Or were they green or white? If brown/grey there still is a chance they will sprout, give it a few more days. Try to keep them a little on the warm side, that can help.

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