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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by malihide, May 26, 2009.

  1. Just before I go, I have some questions for you guys. I have a friend who can't get a full high. When he smokes weed, he sees brighter colours and clearer sounds and he gets hungry. He doesn't get dreamy or couchlock. He's smoked more than 10 times and believe me he knows how to inhale and everything. A few days ago he had half a joint or something and half a beer. He got drunk but not high. One more question: Why do I still feel sorta high? Last time I toked up was almost 3 weeks ago. Sometimes if I sit still for a long time I feel like I'm falling and I actually get a full-blown high. It's freakin me out. I also have a really tight chest now, which never happened before. Still hasn't gone away. Every day I wake up with my mouth open and numb. All of this is really uncomfortable. Finally, I think my IQ dropped a bit, if you can tell by comparing my grammar to my previous posts. Is the weed actually taking this long to get the fuck out of my system? Also, I forgot to say that a full week after I toked up that time I felt mega depressed and depersonalized. Fuck I was crying for no reason randomly. I'm almost back to normal now but still... I'd like some answers. How long till I'm back? What happened? etc etc Alright I'm out peace
  2. Did you smoke PCP?
  3. Sounds like ANXIETY.
  4. I guess that can be normal to feel weird. I dont feel normal until I have a good sleep and wake up in the morning. It should be over pretty soon. As for your friend, he needs to smoke more weed, or just smoke more often. It took me quite a few attempts to get high. And by quite a few I mean like 10 or 15. It kinda sucked. If you dont want a tight chest or shortness of breath you can try using a vaporizer or you can eat some edibles. Edibles take longer to get out of your system though, so I'm not sure if thats what you'd want.

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