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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gorrilla, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. 1, my plants have been in flowering for three weeks now and awesome buddage happening just wondering what you can smoke and when ie can i cut and smoke
    or do i have to wait.
    2, i here people saying 20 days to harvest , how do you know.
    3, how do i know if the plant is hermaphrode , i am using seeds that a friend gave me he told me that they were feminised jack herer seeds i cannnot see any ball sacks
  2. deffinately wait.
    if you think them buds look good now, you'll shit yourself in 5-6 weeks.

    keep takin care of her & resist the urge for early harvest. they pack on the most weight & 'crystals' in the last week.

    Have Fun,
  3. thankyou for your help this is what i thought but im dying waiting for this
    also high girly 420 if that is a picture of you then GOD DAMN GIRL
    thanks again for help
  4. Na man I wasn't trying to be your pimp, it's just that I've been here like a month or two and I've already seen quite and few guys be like "damn a girl" lol. I guess they're impressed to see a girl growing pot, my girly is really interested in it too and I think it would be a good thing for she and I to do together....... See growing pot can bring a family closer lol.

    Anyways my bad and I'll try to calm to the pimp hand down a little, but it just comes so naturally. :D
  5. looks like you got a fan club starting here bab.

    you wanna start selling t-shirts and button badges you'd make a mint outta it.

    shorty you deff want to get your gal growing with you.
    it saves a lot of the hassle of talking them into letting you convert another room into a garden and stops the daft questions like "why do you need to grow so much?" and "do you really need another light?" not to mention when they start saying things like "you think more of them plants than me" and its cool having someone you can trust to water your plants while your away. i even swap clones with to of my ex's.
  6. Yuppers that's the plan thug. I've been with this girl a few years and we've spent soooooo much on nugs here that I couldn't stand paying for it anymore. At first she was apprehensive, but we're both the kinda outdoors hug a tree type, so it didn't take long to convince her. And yeah that's exactly the plan, my work travels and if I'm outta town I need a watchful eye on the grow. I think we're sitting on go with this. And it's awesome............ but I'd never do this with somebody I didn't trust fully.

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