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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ganjadankyy, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. okay, so i'm rather new to growing indoor. i have a pretty decent setup with multiple 42 watt cfls. i also got my hands on a couple bulbs that fit into regular sockets and it seems to be like a spotlight i think. it doesn't say anything on it but it has a chromeish reflector on it and when it's on it has a good amount of heat coming from it. would it be okay to use two of those? anyone know what lights im talking about? thanks.

    by the way. i got like 100 skunk #1 seeds. like 15 are germinating and the white roots are just coming out. cant wait,.
  2. A little bit difficult to just pick and guess what lights your talking about, just stick to your CFL setup. How many total CFL's are you using, lumens output?
  3. Keep the CFLs but ditch those flood lights. They are not going to give you any of the correct light spectrums that your plants require.
  4. exactly, and the good amount of heat emitting is a good amount of waste and unwanted heat for MJ
  5. so far i have only 4 CFL's. i'm not sure the lumen output, i don't even really care because i know it will grow. once i rake up like twenty more bucks ill get a couple more bulbs. thanks for the tip tho.

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