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  1. Ok, im just starting to grow for the first time. i have a good area in my crawl space where i can do so. its about 5 cubic feet. do i have to use a box? or can i use pots? do they also have to have drainage? would 2-3 plants be able grow in that size area, and would 1 70w hps light do the trick or would i have to use a 150w or somethin? as for cooling, i have a good quiet fan i can put in there to get air circulating and there are also vents. will organic potting soil work, do i have to buy something else? and for germination, i have 7 or 8 seeds wrapped in a wet paper towl, which is in between 2 plates with a light on it for warmth and a box over all that. do i have to rewet the paper towl at all, and will this germinating process work? sorry for all the stupid questions, but i dont understand all those growing guides very well.
  2. whats the dimensions of your grow area?

  3. about 5ft x 5ft x 5ft
  4. ok, I can answer a few of those q's.

    germenation, keep the paper towels moist and warm like you are doing. if they haven't sprouted and the towel starts to dry out then wet it a bit , and keep it damp until you have a little tap root coming from the seed.

    then use small cups with a good mix of soil. you will need good clean potting mix with at least 30% perlite. and peat.

    bury thr seeds about 1/2" and put saran wrap around the top of the cup to keep moisture in. take it off once you see leaves coming out of the soil.

    at this point a compact floresent works just nicely.

    you grow space sounds ok but you will need to keep your plants low due to your ceiling hieght.

    look in to training.

    as they get bigger you will need to transplant into progessively bigger containers. doesn't matter if it's a box or a pot.

    as for the light go with as high a wattage hps as you can.
    more watts=more/bigger buds

    hope that helps you some
  5. in that amount of space your gonna want about 1000w of light... 2x 600w HPS would be perfect... unless you want to make a smaller box in that space... if so, what yeild are you after?

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