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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sub-zero, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Hey my name is Chris, i own an awsome glass ice bong which i am very proud of, the glass work is crazy. Latley ive been thinking about cutting back on smoking, i smoke about 2 grams a day and the reason why i am now a member with this forum is to see if thats normal or what. So any reply about smoking that much, if you think that it it should be cut down, or if there isnt really anything wrong with it would be nice to hear.
  2. lol thats good to hear, im about ready to pack a bowl in a pipe, do you grow??
  3. minium 6 grams a day .:D
  4. 2 grams isn't much for me so I think it's normal. :D

    Welcome to the City!!!
  5. Im at about 2g's a day aswell, it keeps me stoned for the moderation of the day, so its all good!:)

    Oh, and welcome to the city :D
  6. Welcome to the city :)
  7. 2g's. . . thats just about enough to keep me fried for a better part of the day. . . but if i have more then i smoke it. . . really makes no difference to me as long as im stoned!
  8. I completely have no idea how much i smoke a day. When im buying a bag (that few and far between) im a miser. But when pulling from the homegrown jar im not counting. A workweek will probably only consist of a few bowls a day but the days off or outing will usually have a lot more smoking 3-6 grams. :)

  9. If you personally inhale 2 grams a day, yea i would say thats a lot. Do what you want but I wouldn't reccomend more than 1 gram a day to the head. Weekends don;t count, I'm talking weekdays. If you are buying the bud you will realize how much you save if you cut down from 2 g's to 1 g a day! If you take like 6 bong hits 3-4 times a day that should be about a gram right?

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