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  1. okay so i want to grow my weed, but i dont want to grow a fuckload of weed, just like a plant or two

    would i be able to just put them by a window that sees sun and water them when they need it like any other plant(id use fertilizer too), or do i need to like completely make a room for them, buy some hardcore lights, ventalation crap and all that stuff cause i dont want to spend all my time and money setting everything up.

    is there anyway to tell if the seed is female or male before i plant it cause i dont wanna plant 3 seeds and they all three turn out to be male

    and for drying and curing, when i do this, do i just let them hang for like i think i read 5-10 days, or it could have been 2 weeks i cant remember, and then i put it in a glass jar? or do i leave it hanging for it to cure then when its finnished curing i put it in a glass jar?

    if someone could answer these questions using the simplest possible ways it would be greatly appreciated
  2. I can do simple! No, you can't just leave the plant in the window and expect to get any weed. No there is no way to tell if the seed is male or female. You hang to dry, put in a jar to cure.

    If you want ideas on how you should grow, read some grow journals to see what has worked for other people. You don't need a lot, it all depends on what you want.
  3. All basic aspects of growing, soil, ferts, lights, outdoor, harvesting, curing have been covered repeatedly in a whole load of threads - quite a good resource really. Use the Search facility to learn all you need. Good luck.

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