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A few questions on the effects of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hugepeck, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Ok, so it seems that everytime i smoke alone i get high as tits off just one bowl, and evertime i smoke with a friend i end up smoking like 4 bowls of the same stuff, to achieve a similar high, and if i smoke later on that day, its like i dont even get high at all.
    Does anyone know why this happens?
    Also has anyone noticed that they get fuller easier when high? Its like when im not high, i can eat like 2 big mac combos, and feel fine, but when i am high and eat 2 big mac combos, i feel like im way too stuffed and my stomach feels like its exploding.
    does anyone know why this happens?

    I know you guys aren't scientist and shit, but you guys seem to know ALOT about weed.:smoke:
  2. My guess your getting full off 1 Big mac when your high is b/c your not actually hungry your blood sugar is just low. And when your not high and eat 2 big macs you are actually hungry.
  3. omg 2 big mac combos? thats so much food lol..
    no wonder ur full

    i get the same thing in a group setting.. i think its cuz im distracted by the conversation on not focused on maxing my hits.
    gotta love the conversation tho.
  4. hahahah thats usually does me in for an entire day besides snacking if i wake up at 11 and eat that at 3ish, but i only eat Mcds like once a week or less.

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