A few questions on planting in pots..

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  1. Okay, im a first time grower, and I have a few questions. I am 18, and do not have a car yet. My parents are anti-pot, and would freak if they let me grow. I have my quad to get to the secret plot quickly though, and all i have right now is a bucket of bark mulch that i scrounged up around the house, and a bit (not much) of good looking garden soil, and of course some random native soil. I can easily bring it over with my quad.

    1) Can i plant my clones directly into the big pots that i am going to permanently use? Would smaller pots to start out with be better?

    2) How big should the permanent pots be Liter-wise? (I have very limited soil)

    3) Any ideas on how I could obtain some more decent soil?

    4) What about Ferts? When do i use them? How can i get them? What types are their?

    SIDE NOTE: I have been doing alot of reading about this lately, Im very careful on not to get caught, i planned almost everything out. I am actually serious about this. Not just some random stoner kid that wants a lot of pot quickly.
  2. ok well be careful leaving big tracks with that quad to your spot man, and also the noise it makes might tip someone off too.

    im going from cups to 6'' pots to the ground. i think going straight into the big pots with clones would be ok though but idk much about cloning

    i think most people use like a 5 gal bucket or bigger.

    buy soil. Fox Farms makes good shit. read some stickies to get better idea what you wanna get soil wise. check this out too...http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/202248-organic-soil-mixture.html

    reading stickies about ferts is your best bet man its too much for me to try to type or explain right now

    that search feature at the top of the page usually works great and if it doesnt type your questions into google and if GC doesnt have the answer theirs plenty of other websites that probably will.

    good luck
  3. Buying soilf if he doesnt have a car may be a problem. So what you can do is dig holes about 2 feet deep and mix in the soil you have along with the native soil and plant straight into the ground. Ideally perlite and other things could be added to the soil but if that is not an option to be able to buy stealthy then try what i just mentioned. You will not have the best results but you certainly can grow like that. If there is one thing you can buy tho I would get lime to mix in with your soil to better your chances of having a decent PH which is very important to your success.
  4. okay thanks guys

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