a few questions on my indoor plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by am3n33, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. i have 3 germinated seeds in a plastic party cup for now with plenty of draining holes at the bottom, as of now it is covered up with a plastic baggy to keep in the dampness. it is in a warm dark area. i have been told to not water an ungrown seed so i watered the soil well before putting the seed in. so what i would like to no is, well is this proper for indoor growing? or should i try something else? thanks guys ,appreciate it
  2. yup thats the way to do it. your on the right track so far. gl with tour grow.
  3. hey, are they all in 1 cup? i might of just missunderstood but if they are they need to be in their own pots as the roots will grow entangled & wont be seperable, plus the plants wont survive most likly

    good luck with your grow & welcome to GC
  4. This was exactly what I was thinking. Please tell us you didn't put them into the same cup...

    Maybe, if you are lucky, you can still get them out of there, but if somehow you are able to get them out, you got a high chance of them not surving being put into another cup.
  5. thanks and what about lights? i have a nice cheap set up working but im not sure if i should turn the lights on yet or not..
  6. phooey and pishah!

    just move them all to separate cups. that guy who says they could die = whack.

    they are resilient bastards. they die only if you are like... borderline retarded.

    Turn your lights on dude! what kind of lights do you have and what does your setup consist of?

    get a fan on em once they break the soil and they will build nice strong stems.
  7. well its like a small tripod lamp with muzzles on each small light and i have one light completely muzzle-ing the cup. as of now im not sure what im going to do with the fan but i will get one soon. im stil very confused with lights though.

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