A few questions... grow box height concerns.

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  1. Allright guys, you all have helped me out a whole lot as i have learned about growing. Now it is time for me to start my first grow tho and while i feel confident in almost everything i have just a few questions left.

    One: My grow box is gonna be three feet high, when summer rolls around im gonna be building one thats five feet tall but i dont have the cash for that plan yet and this will help me get some first hand experience lol. Anywhoo the height of the current box is obviously gonna lead to some restrictions as only about two feet of the box will be actual plant space. and i was wondering what strains would be good for a box that high? I obviously need to prevent stretching and all that but i dont want a strain that grows super tall but at the same time i dont really want like lowryder or anything. So what are some good strains to fit my box and my needs? Also about what height should i let the plant reach before switching to flowering?

    Two: Im only growing one plant at a time so feminised seeds are definately the way to go right? I would hate to spend time and materials on something im gonna toss haha.

    Three: I have the space to make the box four feet tall but i really wanted to keep this one kinda on the smaller side just to get a feel for it but im not really comfortable with my knowledge of sog or scrog to attempt either of those so would adding that extra foot end up being best in the long run?

    Thanks for any help guys i really appreciate it and hopefully i can get this grow going asap!
  2. P.S. this is strictly for personal use only for me and my gf lol so that is why its one plant at a time. Also im using cfl's and a 18 inch fluoro as well. the wattage will be a little more than 115. I have the outake fans and vents all planned out and i know my ferts nutes etc. The dimensions of the box are "proposed" as 24 inches wide 20 inches deep and 36 inches tall but depending on your responses it may change to 48 inches tall haha. hope that helps
  3. You can LST "her" if you want to keep it short... or just flower early. Plant will at least double in size when you go to 12/12.

    Also look for pots that are wider than tall to save some space for your plant to grow.

    As far as seeds you could get an autoflowering lowrider

    If you can go with 4 feet high do that, your going to lose at minimum a foot just for light and pot space.
  4. yea i did some research on the lowryders specifically the diesel ryder but i have done some research and most people say that the lowryders arent really worth it. If raising the height will allow for a greater range of strains then its totally worth it to me haha. As far as lights go im gonna be using clip lights for the CFL's and then the Fluoro will be 18" and hanging within 3 inches at all time.
  5. Also I love sour diesel but i was under the assumption that it was only available in clone form then on attitude i found sour diesel seeds by a company called medical seeds!? are these legit sour d? And to my original question are there any good diesel strains that i could use in my box with its restrictions?
  6. Try a Northern Lights or NL cross, usually stays pretty short.

    Look into LST, it's easy to do and NL takes well to training.

    Femmed seeds is a very good idea. I use them and have never had a problem -- no males, no hermies.

    Build the box as tall as you possibly can, you won't regret it.
  7. hmm northern lights eh? what is a good reputable seed co that makes a good northern lights strain one that is feminised at that? I have never had northern lights so i would be down to grow some of those out haha. Im gonna have to read up on LST but if i made the box so that there was 3 feet of growing room, 4 feet total for the box then, would that be adequate for NL? Also, would that mean i veg it out to about 15-18 inches then switch it to flower?
  8. what about white label northern lights (feminised) found at attitiude seed bank. Anyone know whether or not these beans would be good?

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