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A few questions from a noob

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Minuteman420, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. #1 Minuteman420, Feb 14, 2009
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    1. Is there any weed that can be "too dry". I just got a few free grams today from a friend and the weed crumbles in my hands, is it still smokeable? And if the answer to that is yes i assume it will get me less high than it would have in its prime? (note i plan on smoking this weed within a week)

    2. In terms of storing weed. I have an old tylenol pill bottle, so i took all the weed out of the bag he gave it to me in and put it in this bottle, That a good idea? My parents are against drugs and this way it minimizes the smell and if i get some good weed later on would this be a good way to keep it?

    3. I've also heard placing a small piece of lettuce (american dime size) would help with the weed dryness?
  2. 1. Sure it can be 'too dry'. It'll still smoke and can still be fairly potent. You're correct in your assumption that it's less than optimal though.

    2. An airtight jar is best but pill bottles work in a pinch too.

    3. You can put lettuce in there for a few hours or so to see if it helps rehydrate it some. Don't crush the buds first. An orange peel will also help. Watch for mold if you leave it in there too long though; don't go more than overnight at first.
  3. 1. if its way too dry then it will be alot less potent.

    2. thats a good storage container keep it in dark cool places to preserve frshness

    3. that works. orange peels also work. for the quickest way to fluff it up is too put it in the microwave for a few seconds
  4. Listen to this man.

    When it's dry it's going to burn a lot faster as well, in the bad way.
  5. i prevent the whole dry thing by storing the weed wit orange also gives it a tangy smell !!!
  6. Alright Thanks guys that helps.
    Problem is alot of the nugs crumbled up.
    So i went and put the lettuce on the bottom of the bottle, Put a few of the larger pieces ontop of the lettuces, and threw all the crumbled up garbage on top.
    I'll leave it like that for a few hours I guess. Then take it out.
  7. When my batch is dried out I usually put little apple slices in there. Orange peels work too, but I like the apples.

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