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A Few Questions From A Complete Noob...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KiddeoWha, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,

     My name is Ryan (My pref name). You can jump to the "in short" part if you want.
    So, a little background. I've always been that guy that supposedly would never do weed... Well, my best friend and I (just a friend at the time) got really close and she introduced me to weed. I never smoked it... I always had the moral thing riding on me. etc etc...

    My friends got great grades and were in sports, etc just like me... student activities (How did they not get caught?! LOL) 

    In short - My friends moved out of state and I never did get to know their dealer... I've finally realized that weed is NOT bad in any way, and to be quite frank, I think it can do some users good compared to pharm drugs.

    I'm in Ohio... I went to Cbus at OSU main campus, a few clubs, etc... No... Luck.. At all. I seriously feel like this is a dry state... or everyone's too damn scared to share any information about themselves that can even provoke even the slightest deviant.

    I found ONE head shop here... and they were like."Oh naw man.." when I said something about  the pending "legalization of weed" being placed ont he ballot.

    I've used the tricks I"ve read on here.. (Been stalking the forums for a while now...) I just need some tips.. I have a lot of friends, and none of them seem to take the bait.

    Thanks :)
  2. Is this another"how can i find a dealer in a dry state" thread?
  3. Your afraid to openly tell your friends you want pot?
  4. guess ur SOL. just grow some. then you don't have to worry about shady, half-assed dealers.
  5. Call/email your friend that moved.  Ask who they got weed from.
  6. You should never talk about weed in a head shop.
  7. Ohio is definitely not a dry state. And you mentioned OSU? If you can't find weed on a college campus you're doing something wrong. Try this, buy a pack of cigs, even if you don't smoke. 1 or 2 wont kill you. Go to where all the students smoke cigs and try to spot out the stoners. Ask them for a light for the cig and make small talk and just go from there.
  8. Go up to any of your friends and ask if they know anyone who smokes.
  9. I'll try this. I go to OSU a lot since there's really no place to have fun around this small town haha. Thanks.. That's a great option. I don't scream cop, or I'd hope not LOL maybe that's why I was having issues.
    Yes, and it's ridculous. Well, everyone thinks I'm some person taht'd never do that sort of thing. Heck.. when I turned 21 and it took a year almost for me to have my first drink, I thought people were going to keel over.
    Maybe I seem too uptight, but perhaps the advice I got from Ganjafarmer will help. Heck, I haven't seen anything wrong with weed... If anything, cigs and alcohol will mess a person up in the long run and weed won't, really.

    Thanks guys. If all else fails.. I'll suck it up and "grow a pair" like another person said and ask my friend. lol
  10. #11 DayJaVu, May 23, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2013
    Why is it such a big deal to ask your friends? If anything that should be the easiest option. If your friends smoke weed, they will be STOKED to have you hit them up. Seriously bro, weed brings people together and your friends would love to have you on board, I garuntee it.
    Unless they are all high-and-mighty, and have some sort of hatred of weed? If you are in college, just ask around. Everyone in college knows at least one person who smokes.
    Me personally, I'd stay away from the cigs, that shit will fuck you up. I've had way to many friends who got introduced to it in college and now smoke more than a pack a day.

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