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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by The.Darkness, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. hi. i currently have a aparment that is 16x16( pretty small eh) but the plan is me and my buddy (who grew a few years ago and is getting back into the swing of things) if helping me make some cabinets to have most possible plants. the gist of my questions kinda go as follows..

    is it true that say a mom will be more potent/vigorous then a clone off her and so on.. cause i was planning on taking some NL5 with some random bag seed and will veg em fer about 4-6 weeks then get em in 12/12 to determine sexes , then kill males, then take em back to veg, and clone each of the 'moms' and put clones in a seperate box and grow them till flowering in a way to figure out a good mom. i know that the nl5 is perfect as far as its reviews go but i wouldnt mind having some harvest with a bit more 'stone variety'.

    how much overall different does hps make in the flowering?
    like asume u have 2 equal plants that are both going into flowering. what kinda percentage in yield difference would i have if i used a 400 mh on one and used a 400 hps on the other?
    just cause im debating on purcashing another light and/or just a conversion bulb.


    ODOR: my plan for a filter is to use(for veg stage) just stuff the end of my dryer hose with bounce sheets. and for flowering im gonna use a combo of bounce sheets and furnace filters with charcoal in between the layers.
    does this master plan seem to work based on wut ive told you?
  2. Basicly a clone will be the exact replica of the mother it comes from.

    HPS and MH...HPS will make a big difference compared to fluoros, not as big as MH, but i'd say if you have the money to spare, a HPS 400watts will be a good amount better than the MH 400 watts

    your plan will probably get rid of most of the odor, but its hard to get rid of it all, you'll probably still have a small bit of smell lingering during flowering.
  3. best thing i found for odor is one of those little plug in lamps that the bulp heats those little wax things that look like scented candles.

    I have 5 huge white widows growing and my place smells like a batch of vanilla nut cookies :)~~~

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