A Few Questions Before My 1st BHO Run

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  1.  I've been researching how to make bho for over a year and am looking to try my first bho run. I'm now starting to put together the equipment needed for small personal runs, which will be half oz nugruns, which I hope to extract 2 grams of oil from, give or take.  
      I know that if I'm going to be making alot of my own errl, i will need to get a small vacuum oven, but I don't want to pay $300 just yet.  After I blast and do the hot water bath and its safe to bring the pirex inside, I will be doing a heat purge on a griddle at around 130f for as long as it takes, should be around 12 hours give or take.  
     I have a few questions about the purging process.  
    1) Should i scrape onto parchment paper or is an oil slick mat ok to be used on the griddle?
    2) Should i put the pirex dish on the griddle then the parchment/ oil slick mat on top of that, or can i just put the parchment/ oil slick mat right on the griddle?
    3) Since I don't have a vac oven yet, and want to purge all the butane, would winterizing with 99% ISO, followed by the 12 hour heat purge on the griddle be my best bet for purging all the butane without a vac oven?  Should I winterize?

  2. Iso is no good for winterization and you would be left with iso to purge, rather than butane, which isn't as easily purged and probably contains lots of unlabeled crap.

    If you don't have a vac then just blast onto a pyrex dish and throw that right on the griddle after the water bath. You want more in the 100 degree range. 130 will likely kill most of the flavor and possibly cause your oil to wax up on you.

    Don't scrape until you have purged your oil on the pyrex dish you blasted into for a minimum of 72 hours. Keeping it in the pyrex used for blasting ensures the thinnest layer of oil possible. Thinner slabs lead to more efficient purging. Plus the agitation of scraping can lead to unwanted waxing as well.
  3. Thank you 7Grams, helps alot :)

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