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  1. hi,
    i'm Yashar, 27 from tehran Iran,
    lately me and my friend made one of those growing boxes in our home
    and dig the seed about a week ago, i send you some of my pictures i've
    taken of our growing room, so here is my questions:
    1.) as you can see in my photos, we use 4 CFL lights about 40 watt for
    each plant, but as again you can see in the pictures out plants start
    to grow vertically with those 4 little leaves on them straight to the
    light so the question is that, our light is not enough or the angle is
    not correct, so give me some reasonable answer.
    2.)our temperture is among 20-25 C among day and night, but our
    humidity is among 30-45, is it enough or we should work on it.?
    3.) we use one of those electric timers for our day night time, but we
    seperate the day time into two 9 hours of time with 3 hour of night
    time among those day times, is it correct or it could harm the plant,
    we think maybe in this way they think that it's fall time and start to
    bloom at this early age.
    4.)is it better for them to be lightened in diffrenet angels and
    positions or only straight from top of them.?
    5.) we have two fans , one from the bottom for entrance and another on
    the top for the exit, but the power of both of them are the same,
    should we change the exit fan power weaker than entrance or not.?
    these are my questions at this step. i realy get confused by reading
    different guidelines through different sites so give me friendly and
    correct help due to your experiences.
    thanks for full cooperation.
  2. something went wrong with the pictures, i cant see any.

    2. the temperatur is perfect, but you should put on some humidity if you can. usually 50-60% is best, but ~40% wont harm the plants too.

    3. dont experiment yet. if you want to flower them this soon just put them into a 12/12 cycle, if you want to veg them (alowing them to grow some before flowering), use a 18/6 or 24/0 cycle

    4. usually lighting them from above is just fine. letting the light move around the plant cant harm either, it will put light on every part of the plant. i would go with the light from above method though, millions of plants have succesfully been grown with this way :]

    5. dont care too much about details like that. the main thing is that you keep the air around the plant moving. thats all for the beginning.

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