A Few Questions About My First Growin Operation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Bakaked, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. If you're an experienced grower and you know what you're talking about then please try to help me out,

    Well, I'm a first time grower and I've made my plan based advice from friends & people I know that have grown before and have some considerable knowledge.

    What i'm planning on doing is starting my plants indoors, not using lights but in the window, using sunlight. You see I live in a small town in the cold wilderness and I'd like to get them an early start. Then moving them outdoors, but not out into a crop or anything, I've heard that it is possible to throw your plants in trees, like throw em in 5 gallon buckets or what have you and put em up top hidden in the branches and leaves. From what i've heard, it's tried, tested and true with no heat.

    Right now i've got quite a few seeds, 8 that have been germinated, in pots in my window. They've actually germinated somewhat nicely. I just want to know what kind of soil I should use both when they're inside and when I move them into the buckets & also is it a bad idea to put them i the window with the draft and all, I've installed weatherstripping on the window but will that be enough to keep the cold out. And finally once they're outside, how often should I check them? What should I look for to see if they're doing well?
  2. ive grown in trees in my back yard for the kids dont stumble into them just make sure you do some trimming up there to let the sun in

    as far as what to grow them in use a good soil from any store mix it 50/50 with perlite in 5 gallon containers with holes punched into them one inch from the bottom as far as how much you should check on them well the least amount of traffic around your babies the better there is alot of prying eyes out there only go out there in dry spells when your gonna have to give them a drink and check for the males every so often and when you find them get rid of them
    put a themometer by the plants at night as long as its anywhere around 68 it will be fine
    you are much better off getting a couple 4 foot cool white flourescents and going to an 18 hour on and 6 hours off cycle then when your ready to put them out they will be lucsh and green and full window plants tend to stretch
  3. i think it would work better the tree method ... that sounds interesting ... im gonna pay more attention to the trees when i go out now... never know what u might come across ...
  4. Using lights isn't an option, I'm poor and limited on $$$ and supplies... How much is perlite anyway?

    Well, I'd like to get a digital camera to take some pics of em and post them.. Right now they've been growing for about 5 days and wah... I love growing! You notice the difference in them everyday, they grow so fast, Right now they're about 4 inches tall and there's nothing on them except for 4 tiny tiny leaves... But they do look quite healthy and i'm so proud:) I just hope they're all girls
  5. wow trees. never thought of that. i would suggest that if you dont have a tree in your own yard you visit them at night. no i just got a better idea. you can go whenever you like just take a frisbee with you. if anyone asks youre getting your frisbee.
  6. Alright... I've got a few more questions

    My plants have been growing for a little more than a week and they're in my window, doing pretty good actually.. They have their fake leaves and their first two real ones, out of my 6 plants i've got right now 2 are growing really nicely while the other 4 are considerably smaller... I find they fall over a lot and usually I just try to screw around with them until they stand up straight.. My question is about watering them, when I got home yesterday I took a look at them and all of them had fallen over, I immediately came to the conclusion that this was because they were underwatered.. Since they'ev been growing I've been watering them every 2 days, but I don't use a whole lot of water because I don't want to saturate them.. But it turns out i'm using too little... ANYWAY, I watered just after they had all fallen over but this time I didn't bother screwing around with them I just wanted to see if they water would help, I looked at them this morning and they're all standing up again, I watered them a little bit more this morning though just to make sure cause I don't want them to fall over again cause that kinda scared me... How much should I be watering them and how much, they're in peat starter pots, You know the ones that eventually disinegrate... Keep in mind tehy're still babies, and is it better to overwater them or underwater them, I mean, If i had to pick one?
  7. better to under water then overwater every two days seems alot if it feels dry and looks dry water it no ferts yet and hold those babys up with a toothpick of something until they get stronger
  8. yep.. be careful with watering, remember first grows number one killer is over-watering..so keep that in mind.
    just check n see if its moist. if it is, leave it go, if its not, water some.
  9. Thanks for the help...

    Well as of now 3 of em have died out of 6... I don't even care though cause i've got lots more seeds and i'm just learnin how to grow em...

    My biggest one is about 4 inches now and it hasn't really been growing much height wise but leaves are just poppin off it like mad & it looks nice n healthy...

    My next largest one is almost as big as the other one and the third, well, i'm thinkin it's in it's final days too...

    I've been tryin to get a hold of a digicam so I can take some pics and I should have some up soon... Me and my buddy took a bunch of pics of my baby girl & they just did not turn out too well...

    Check yaz later and thanks
  10. well i hope it works out for you. the tree idea is great. ha, yeah "i'm just getting my frisbee sir"

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