A few questions about my first grow.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Chronatog420, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. So, I started my first grow in my closet last week, I don't really know what I'm doing so I started off with a single plant. So far all seems to be going well, it has sprouted and seems to be growing steadily, but I have a few questions.

    First off, I have seen a couple posts mentioning that temperature of the grow space is important. However, my closet apparently is not well insulated because it is 85-90 degrees F in there (~30 C.) There isn't really anything I can do about the temperature in there, but is this going to make it take longer or decrease the yield?

    Also, I got these GE Plant Lights, they emit a blue tinted light that is supposedly ideal for growing plants indoors. Does anyone know if these things work for growing MJ?

    And lastly, I was thinking that once I plant some more seeds, maybe I could stagger the growth cycles by leaving the lights on in the grow closet on all the time and moving the plants that are in the flowering stage into a dark space (probably under the bathroom sink) for 12 hours a night. However, I worry that all that moving around might damage the plants. Are MJ plants sturdy enough to handle that?

  2. If you get a fan or two to circulate air, the closet temps should go down a bit. Plus having good air flow around a plant makes their stems thicker and stronger and promotes root growth. The heat may decrease your yield a bit if the temps stay around 90 or above. Marijuana thrives around 74-78F but there are outdoor growers who grow in hotter conditions whose yields are just fine.

    If it's an incandescent light or a flood light type of light, then get rid of it. Don't use those at all. CFL lights are cheap and pretty good to use. You want ideally 100watts per plant. On the CFL package go by the CFL wattage, not the incandescent equivalent wattage. It's better to have more 6500k lights for veg and 2700k lights for flowering but you can veg and flower with either or.

    Marijuana can handle being moved carefully. But make sure there are no light leaks in your cabinet at ALL or that can screw up the flowering cycle, cause tons of stress, and make a female go hermie.

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