A Few Questions About My First Grow.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Emnesty, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. So, I just started my first grow (indoor) four days ago, and I've got a few questions so I can ensure it goes smoothly.
    Firstly, I've heard that you should plant the seeds 1/4" - 1/2", however, I planted one of the seeds an inch or two deep. I am wondering if this will have any adverse effects.
    Secondly, How much do you guys water your plants? I've been keeping the top layer of soil moist by watering (In small amounts) every 24 hours, but I've been told this is too much, and can cause slow growth.
    Finally, how long, as a general guideline, should the plants take to sprout? And when should I be able to determine the gender? I've got a limited amount of pots, and am hoping to weed out (Pardon the pun) all the males as early as possible.
    I would appreciate any answers, and apologize for my lack of knowledge in this field.

  2. Let's first off stop !! Watering that much its bad.. I haven't watered my little autos in 4 days .. If the pot is extremely light I'll water and sometimes if its light and the plant is doing good I'll wait another day to water .. Secondly mine sprouted in like 48 hrs I don't know how long yours will take some take longer than others .. Planting a inch deep its going to take longer before you see them .. Thirdly you won't be able to tell they are male until you put them on a 12/12 light cycle. Veg them for a couple awhile and then flip the lights to 12/12 after a couple weeks they should show sex.. Hope this helps you along the way .. Good luck .. #1 mistakes beginnings make including myself is over watering .. So relax and let the plants tell you when they need water I promise they will let you know ..
  3. Yep,stop watering! You're soil is probably wet enough to last awhile.
    Put a piece of plastic or a sandwich baggy over your container until they break thru.
    Plus keep them in a warm spot so it'll build some humidity in there.
    Alright, Thanks for the tips! I'll definitely stop watering so frequently.
    I've currently got my plants in a cycle of 16 hours light on, 8 hours lights off (While I sleep), But I'm considering switching up to 18/6. Would there be much of a difference?
  5. What type of lights are you running?
    I'd run them at least 18/6. You could even go 20/4 or 24/0.
    I run 24/0 just because I want them growing as quick as possible.
    You won't have to worry about lighting until they break thru the soil tho
  6. Just some standard LED's (25w, close to the pots), I plan on picking up some CFL's after they sprout, with more wattage, and placing them a bit higher.
  7. I'm running a hydrofarm 125 actual watt 6500k cfl and I got them on 20/4 they love it .. I don't know anything at all about led so I can't speak on them .. But my lights stay on 20/4 I would run them 24hrs balls to the wall but I want to give my bulb a chance to cool down.. Oh I also have to real small 23 actual watt 6500k cfls under another little dwarf auto running the same 20/4
  8. I'm clueless when it comes to LED too. So I can't help ya there either.
    I've had luck with 23w cfl's running 24/0
    My MH I run 20/4 just to cut down on heat.
  9. Just remember less water is better !!!! Always if the pot feels super light water but it may feel super light and the top be all dry but the plants are doing fine .. Then wait another or so.. Trust me I learned the hard way .. My dad still to this day waters everyday with nutes and his pots are waterlogged and the soil down in the pot is hot . because the plants aren't more than 2 inches tall. He has a Hugh 36x48x80 tent 1200 dollar set up HD hps bulbs 6in inline fane like 500 cfm cooling the hood carbon filter .. Anyway he has bugs nats and shit flying around .. The point is is that just because you spend all kinds of money doesn't mean you know what your doing .. By him watering them like he is he's basically killing them.
  10. And plus it seems to me if your running led why couldn't you run them 24/0
  11. Ayup welcome to the land of grow. The advice above is both valid and great advice. I also have to idea on leds so can not advise on this but if you go to cfls aim for 100w-150w per plant for best results I'm on 70w getting good growth but no where near as it should be but in not aiming for super tall plants. Watering with the seed still showing no head is ill advised allow soil to be moist but almost dry best way is to use something to make a green house as stated above. As far as sexing you ain't gonna know that til atleast 2nd week of flowering at the earliest.
    Hope this helps. Anything else just ask.
    Yeah, I'm watering them less now.
    I'm running them like I am to keep the routine for when I switch to CFL.
    Thanks for the tips, I'll try to get lights from 100-150.
    I haven't used any nutes (although, for all I know, there are some in the soil already)
  13. What kind of soil are u using
  14. Not too sure, to be honest. I had some soil around already, so I used it. I'm a thrifty bastard. haha.
  15. No more that me lol

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