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  1. 1. is this true "...if you remove the males too soon , then other plants will turn male. the plants need to feel the presense of a male. Once the existing male starts to produce pollen, you can then remove it." if this is true , is it obvious when they start to produce pollen?

    2. i know males have less thc, but can i separate them from the females, and let them mature and use them for cannabutter? i would increase the plant material, to counteract the decreased thc.

    3. i plan to keep my grow going with clones, but are there any steps i can take to get a couple useable seeds to save just in case something happens to my harvest, without reducing my plants potency too much.

    Thanks in advance:wave:
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    1. that's crazy, where on earth did you hear that?. please give them a slap and tell them to stop being ridiculous. there is no logic in that whatsoever

    2. males don't really get resin, it would be pretty futile to try and get anything from them other than pollen.

    3. you can separate the male and collect some pollen. using a small paintbrush you can apply a little pollen to the bud. this will make a few seeds. be careful not to go overboard. a tiny amount of pollen can make shit loads of seeds. it's best to pollinate a whole lower branch and when you harvest your bud, leave the seeded branch growing to mature for a couple of more weeks.

    contrary to popular belief making seeds does not lower potency of the remaining bud. infact the chaf that is around the seeds is very smokable

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