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Discussion in 'General' started by Sublime 420, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Hello City!

    I'm probably going to do acid soon, and I was wondering what the general thought of it is.

    I've never done LSD, but I've done shrooms, 2c-b and DXM.... and I've smoked my share of ganj

    I'm wondering the following things:

    1) Long term damage? I've heard varied things about it, from little to no long term damage, or that it's like frying your brain.

    2) short term damage? Is there a hangover? or is it like shrooms and you feel good the day after?

    Well, I guess I don't have that many questions. I'm just really curious about the effects and how it affects your body.

    Any general knowledge would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Long term damage.... well, it will definitely make you stupid. Acid heads are kinda crazy.... and really slow.

    Short term.... yeah you might feel like shit the next day.
  3. 1. There is no physical damage that LSD does to your body, with the rare exception of setting off a chemical balance if you have the potential for schiztophrenia or some other mental issue. If people in your family are skitzo or anything, you might want to stay away from LSD (and mushrooms)

    2. I feel tired, but amazing the next day. Very similar to shrooms.
  4. Thanks for that :rolleyes:

    You'll feel like your life has changed. For the better.

    ITs a long trip (up to 15 hours depending on dosage).

    I suggest you read the wikipedia article on LSD before you drop it.
  5. Yep, the long term damage is terrible, people who do acid are useless and slow, Just like those damn stoners:rolleyes:

    More like what Alpha said, the long term damage is more life changing than anything, it really depends on how you take it all in. I have seen people change for the better after tripping once then they never tripped again, I've seen people fried for months after a bad trip.

    As far as being slow and stupid from long term damage, thats just a crock, it can happen to people who turn LSD into a daily drug or just dose way to much but moderate use should result in an enjoyable trip as long as your in the mind set, some of the more intelligent, quick witted people I know have been doing Acid and shrooms for 10-15 years.

    As far as the short term, expect to be tired he next day, generally I feel a little fried and lethargic after acid.

    Check out Erowid like said and get your information straight, read, learn, then decide if you want to experience.

    Enjoy your trip and have fun:hippie::hippie:
  6. If anyone on here starts preaching to you, just ignore them, they have fell for the g's propaganda. Sucks for them

    Yeah do your own research on sites like erowid, find a good supply who has 'clean' acid. Be in a good mood and good surrounding, and get ready for a 8-12 hour ride of your life

    The first time is great, but you really don't expect it to last that long

    By the 6th hour your like wow this was great all these neat things, but whe well this shit end? just relax and enjoy it cause you would still have 4-6 hours left of it

    I love it though, great drug to use every 2-3 months or so for a night of good times.
  7. acid is wonderful if you get good shit. if your gunna trip for your first time, please don't trip by yourself, you will seriously hate it. when you trip, do it with a small group of really good friends and enjoy
  8. Also, acid fucking annihilates your short term memory, but you probably already knew that. I forget the rest :smoke:
  9. LSD is a lot like shrooms although I find it easier to get into, because it doesn't hit you as fast. You get a stoned feeling and then just slowly start to noticing patterns and stuff it just keep progressing. Considering you've done shrooms you'll be fine just go with it and enjoy the unexpected. I've done acid like 6 (usually 2 hits, except my first time) times, 5 of them including my first time were on my own. And I actually found it more enjoyable. Safety wise you should be fine on your own as long as you don't take to much. If you feel more comfortable with some one than for sure have a sitter. The next day you'll feel really tired and a bit out of it… just a side note I've never had any memory problems… I'm studying biochemistry (partly thanks to Cid) at university now so I wouldn't worry about that ..
    Enjoy your trip
  10. All I can say is, my first acid trip was nothing short of a religious experience.
  11. go to erowid, and read up. acid isnt somethin u can just do in the spur of the moment. be prepared to have a mind changing experience, if u do decide to do it
  12. The first time i tripped cid it was completely out of nowhere. I was chillin' at my house, the thought had barely even crossed my mind (tripping). I had done research and looked into it before but it was originally one of those things you read and are just kinda like "huh" and forget about it. So my buddy calls and asks if I wanted to trip that night, and honestly I wasn't sure I even wanted to trip until i swallowed the papers. We were chillin in my buddy's car and I just thought to myself "here it goes", a little bit after that, the acid dropped and I go "dude it looks like a camera flash just went off, except from inside my eyes" and then everything looked really cool, and I went for a ride.

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