A Few questions about Automatic Seeds!

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  1. Okay, so my plants got tricked into flowering outdoors... so my seasons almost over. :(

    Do Automatic seeds Flower even if they're outdoors? (without changing a light cycle)

    I Live in Texas, so we NEVER really experience harsh cold weather, could i grow year round?

    About how much can you yield per Automatic plant? (Soil, Fox Farms, Best of care)

    Thanks! :)
  2. Most autoflower strains will flower regardless of light schedule e.g. 14/10, 12/12, 18/6/ or 24/0.
  3. can you post a pic of your plants, cuz i got one here in texas too that flowered early..dunno if it was an auto or if i just tricked it by putting it out too early (im thinking the latter)

    now that i'm sure this thing is definitely flowering i gotta figure out about when this thing will be ripe:



    it's been flowering for about 5 weeks i'd say, so i'm gonna try to aim at around a mid june target...
  4. These are my girls, the two bigger ones were started on february 22... Kinda pissed at myself, but hey you learn from your mistakes! I got another one that just flowering...

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  5. Other 2 sorry

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  6. alright cool, looks about the same as mine, yours are a couple weeks older though :) meh, im kinda glad it turned out this way, i started lots more, and some that i started at a just the right time.. and there gettin big..

    start more seeds man! i built a little growbox so i can start 7-8 seedlings under CFL's now anytime, then i just move em out to my spots when they get a few nodes :)
  7. autos flower reguardless of the light cycle.i'd say as long as the temps. dont drop below 55-60 for to long they should be fine but might yield less do to stress.as far as the yields that depends on the strain.but most will yield at least an oz.my indoor auto diemos yield little over 3 oz..i did the LST on her and she loved it.
  8. Thank you so much, like your avatar btw!
  9. breeders reccommend a 20/4 light cycle for maximun growth for autos..but like stated above..they flower more on an internal clock...i dont understand why your upset...you squeezed in another grow...get some more auto beans and plant em now....alot of people plant a couple every 2 weeks to have a perpetual harvest...1 evey two weeks..i just ran my first outdoor in florida..they turned out ok.


    yeild about an ounce and a quarter each:smoke:
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    Dang dude those are freakin sweet, im not really concerned about time... It would just be nice to know that I am able to grow around the year. :)
  11. too hot..fluffy buds and decreased quality...too cold...slowdown in growth....below freezing..death...but i grow outside in florida from feb. to nov...so about two months ..no outdoor...but then im veggin' indoor ta be ready for early plantin....and most of those arn't autos:smoke:

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