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  1. So my two plants are in flower and towards the end of there grow, its been about 150 days now 100 in flower at this point tho there are no more fan leaves below the buds. now the bottom mos fan leaves of the bud are starting to yellow and fall (not rapidly, but one here one there on a daily basis)

    I know as a plant matures the bulk of the bottom fans will fall off, however, the fact its an LST plant ment that a lot of the fan leaves were removed before flowering to make room for new bud sites. seems obviously it would still do this process and just work on buds (some have achieved a good 8 inches in lenght and about and 3/4-1 inch across. and others are just huge buds that arent dense at all.)

    My concern is will my plants die if it loses too many leaves from the colas?

    This is an LST grow so at this point the plants it 85% bus 10% stem and another 5% fan leaves.

    It seemed as if they went "dormant" for a week or so.... like they looked exactly the same for like two weeks and now they are jumping again, every time i look (nightly) theres more new growth.

    advise? when should i get concerned about the leaves?
    the density of my Buds, more nutes? im only uses Tiger Bloom.

    also the wierd thing is it appears to have "reverted?" a few weeks ago a lot of hairs were starting to orange up nad the triches all were starting to look clouded, now theres barely any white haird and the trichs are all deffinietly clear.

    kinda just looking for answers looked all over couldnt find much.
  2. what's your ph at? how much nutes are you giving them? what kind of lights are you using?
  3. What plants are you growing that are flowering for 100 days?! 14 weeks? Even for pure sativa it should be about done...have you harvested any buds at all??
    I don't know if they would die or not, I think they would probably stop doing much after a while though. Leaves are very important. Pics?

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