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A few QP pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StickyxLover, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. #1 StickyxLover, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
    Decided to load up a couple pics I had saved from some QP's ive grabbed this year and all really fire buds. Sorry for shitty cell quality, I would get some close ups of the recent batch but cant really get good quality pics I could try later if wanted though.



    ^This is prob only 2-3 O's at time of pic


    ^ Vac sealed.


    ^Same stuff out of the vac pac minus a half o. Looks like 2x more bud lol.


    ^Old oz pic.

    And damn didnt know the pics would be that big don't know how to resize them though.
  2. You from upstate/albany area? Looks like some homegrown I've seen.
  3. From L.I but who knows so much shit goes through NY.
  4. Nice buds, what I don't understand is why would you want to have so much weed of one strain, IMO it would get boring smoking te same strain for a while but whatever it's your money just my .02
  5. I really don't think most people that buy QP's and higher amounts smoke all of it :rolleyes:

  6. Just call him out, why don't you?

    Enjoy OP, I know I did back in the day.
  7. Lol thanks for the comments guys.
  8. Nice pick up man!! Enjoy! Great pictures also! + REP!! :smoke::smoke:
  9. Prob gettin another QP or HP tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Picking up some serious weight, how much a QP and HP cost you? I would never spend over 1,000 on a qp... considering i get em for 1k delivered.
  11. Nice stash bro. Those vacuum sealed qp's bring back college memories haha. Hope it wasn't too expensive..My brother lives in New York and hates the prices there, so he gets all his bud from me once a year. Enjoy the holidays man...stay high
  12. Thanks guys and naa prices not too bad I can usually get the qp's for 11 flat delivered so its pretty good for around here.
  13. Nice, 275/oz is pretty good... that's how much one of my connects is paying from his caregiver... and it's not delivered haha.
  14. Haha yea its all about the discount most people sell single O's around here for like 350-375 shits expensive.
  15. [quote name='"StickyxLover"']Thanks guys and naa prices not too bad I can usually get the qp's for 11 flat delivered so its pretty good for around here.[/quote]

    Oh that's better than what he was telling me. Still pricey IMO, but it's all good. I've paid that much and more before. Luckily now I can find fire for cheaper.

    Rarely buy qp's anymore, but if I did, what's available to me is 3-500 for Oregon outdoor, 7-900 for cali indoor. All of it's always fire. 1000 a p for The outdoor...doesn't look as nice, but it gets you just as stoned as cali top shelf medical og's IMO. Idk, I guess appearance isn't everything.
  16. Yeah you sorta just gotta take what you can get i know... just had to pay 50/eighth for that 275/oz bud my buddy gets... Big Kahuna was the strain... pretty good shit but nothing like the fire i get from my grower connect.

    im glad to be living in the northwest... so many people grow out here. 225/oz for me now... used to be 175-200... mmj laws in Montana changed causing supply to go down and prices to skyrocket... my peoples caregiver changed her prices from 250 to 275... fuck that. The quality is no where near the shit i can get for 225 as well... 15% THC buds compared to 20% haha.

    You should post some close ups like this Big Kahuna :smoke:
  17. Herpa Durp, bro...smdh
  18. U guys pay alot for ur weed man. My qps look like there about the same quality as yours but I pay 480-550 usually and when I pick up some kush it's 180 -200 and o but it's always either master kush or afghan (y)
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  19. LOL at the post above me. Anyways rad bags op, I miss having that kind of weight around me, make sure you have a fucking blast while it lasts (I'm sure you are). Maybe try and snap a HQ pic if you can? Im sure the shit looks flame as hell.
  20. New camera new updates.

    ^^HP pickup from a little while ago.


    ^Huge nug out of some stuff I got recently. The whole batch was filled with ones just like it.




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