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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by hustlehard5, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. I have some expoierence doing this but it was all outdoors so i got this indoor setup going and theres a few things i have concerns about.

    First thing is that the 400w lamp is used and acts funny i dont know what the problem is. Some times i can here the ballast running but the bulbs dont turn on. Then if i change it from HPS to Metal halide some times it works or some times it wont and if i plug it in an hour later it will work. I dont know what that problem may be caused by, any ideas?

    Also i was wondering how the uneven light will affect the 3 day old plants. Its never getting less then 15 hours of light a day, but at the same time its uneven in that it may be getting an hour less here and there. ANy feed back would be helpful
  2. Do you have access to a Volt/Ohm Meter? Need to check for AC power at the output of your ballast as well as the socket for the bulb. Has the breaker on the ballast ever tripped? Could be a bad connection.
  3. Really i have no clue, i got the light used from a friend and the setup is in a dead space in the attic - the socket it is plugged into first was actually a plug in from an attic light wired to a switch on the wall. The breaker doesnt trip what happens is that it will run for a while but some times it wont kick on when i first plug it in - and that is in any socket for the room, then i tinker a bit and can get it to kick on really weird. As of right now im leaving it 24 hours until i can get a better understanding of this
  4. sounds like a bad connection,rewire it and make sure all ur connections and spices are getting good connection,make sure everything is tight and as far as the uneven growth u might have to bend,train your plants bend them over and tie them down,look up low stress training....gluck!!!..
  5. You might try wiring a switch in and using it to control your ballast.

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