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    These are a few poems i've done over the past years. Some are pretty long, but it's totally worth it! :)

    "Hurricane of Humanity"

    The streets are streaming with blood
    Cities below flow with the ever glow of a slow flood
    Bright red liquid so heavy it destroys ever levy leaving no survivors behind
    This teeming city which once stood pretty now lays in ruin of a yesterday now past
    This insurmountable river of red, filled with boys and girls now dead

    Tragedy has struck and the rooster shall cluck at the rise of the bittersweet Sun
    A Sun so vivid, cast over a town so livid, it's something that shall never be stopped
    Although there is despair which not one man can bear, the Sun shall never be stopped
    There shall be famine and war, even more than before, but the Sun shall never be stopped

    What can we learn from an object so firm, something that won't let us down
    Can we learn the secrets of life, shining its essence on the blade of a knife
    A sparkling glare that diverts you from stare, burning right through until it reaches the back of your hair
    A disorienting light that saves us from night, and thus our impending rest
    It comes half a day and then strays away, with intentions on coming back tomorrow

    This city will drown in its own self-pity, wallowing away the days
    It will soon be gone forever and no one will ever know
    New trees will form and new flowers will grow
    A new city will be born and eventually torn by the incoherency that plagues the human race
    Ah! but the Sun will be there without delay with every vibrant ray
    Here no matter if we'd like to face another day

    "Boldness is existence. Existence is Torture"
    This is the world we live in
    A world with a lack of creativity,
    Writer's block doesn't exist only mental immobility,
    So you must find some cognitive stability and find your own ability to do what ever it is you want to do,
    We all have ideas ping-ponging in our minds like a rabid kangaroo,
    So don't be afraid to write down what you believe,
    And don't be afraid to vocalize your need for something more than T.V. and mind-numbing conversation about your X-box and Playstation,
    Come to your own realization about human relation and creation.

    I've come to realize I can find what I need through your green eyes and when I peer into your soul I find something exquisite,
    I write a pre-requisite to the rest of my existence with you in it.
    I'm just some hopeless guy who has so much emotion that it's impossible to lie and cover up what I really feel and I can only be real, with you.

    You leave me in a limbo where I yearn for your acceptance but all I get are life's untold lessons,
    Because before you, I had no direction, and I led my life according to sections.
    I fell into a section where all I would do is get high and detach myself from the things that would make me cry,
    But thanks to you, I have given up those hyperbole imperfections and accepted my emotions and those notions of love,
    And you've given me that shove,
    And all I want to do is make a trek to the biggest mountain and shout everything about you that I need to help better myself and your aura itself,
    Gives me the health and all the wealth that I could ever need.

    Because really, I have a self-greed for you,
    And all I want to do is be with you and flee with you,
    To somewhere unknown where we could be alone and learn about each other's pasts and homes.

    I write all of these words only for you and to put myself out there,
    Is something I just don't do,
    So you, need to see how special you are to me and stop and see how much I bereave the death of my heart because without you,
    It can't even start.
    And so I live like a robot caught in repeat that's doomed to deplete all that it holds dear and near,
    And when you aren't near, my life is unclear,
    You fill my face with the cheer that life has concocted from a feeling that seems weird in the pit of my stomach every time I see or talk to you,
    I want to walk with you,
    And ponder about ideas of art and writing,
    I want to discover the feelings that you're hiding because there's so much good in you,
    And should you choose to lose your mask of insecurity,
    I could blanket you with love and a happiness that seems obscure to me.

    I want to dig deep into your soul and plaster every hole with my own goodness,
    So you can know I'm not some alpha male mess,
    I'm just a simple man with a heart that's beating out of his chest and it will never rest,
    Until I'm next to you.

    Because to me, you're just the best that life has to offer,
    And I'll accept it gladly because I've been driven to madly scribble down all of my inner-most thoughts about how much you've trapped me in your web of forget-me-nots,
    And I've got more thoughts that transcends physical beauty,
    Even though every physical feature about you flew right through me and lifted my eyes to something I have never seen,
    Something so beautiful that the words in the dictionary can't describe what it means.

    It boggles my mind how any person could ever hurt you,
    Because it is the ultimate crime to cripple the spirit of a girl so naturally impervious to the evils of the world that rains down negativity on those who wish to escape.
    I'll give you an umbrella of breath that will shield you from the rest of life's ambiguities,
    And all I want is to discover some antiquities,
    That we can share and reflect on forever and sit inside and look inside ourselves in the instance of bad weather,
    And I want to treasure,
    A new life full of the absence of strife and argument.

    I want to live forever and ever and never forget the mint condition of my ambition to win you over,
    And if you come over,
    I'd trap you in my love like red rover,
    And I would bend over and kick myself in the ass if I ever made a mistake that would make you like me less.
    And lest I forget,
    Know that my feelings are legit and I have no doubt,
    Not even a bit.

    I could never write this much for anyone else before you,
    So I find it would be the death of my soul to ignore you and I hope I don't bore you,
    And if I don't say a word, it's because I'm just trying to adore you,
    And at the core of you,
    I know there is more of you,
    And don't think it to be a chore of you to try and impress the world that asks more of you.
    Because to me, I like you just the way you are,
    And even if you're afar,
    In my heart, I know right where you are.

    The Sun stops for you every single day,
    And your personality is brighter than every single ray that shines ever so gently on your perfectly crafted face,
    The Sun and Moon are forever in a race to stay in sight,
    To view your innocuous light that encompasses your whole body in the day and in the night,
    But they settled their fight by splitting the day in half,
    I'll split my time and love with no one because I don't view you as a task,
    But I want to bask, in all that you stand for,
    And I would live on water and give up land for the chance for,
    A better understanding of why you aren't capable of handing your heart to me.

    Because if you learn and look,
    And realize I'm not just writing this poem for the sake of some book,
    You would see,
    You shook my soul and uprooted my ability to write pages upon pages on the way you've taken your toll,
    On how I now view life.
    And I'm not going so far as to say I want you as my wife because at this point,
    At this point I don't know you like I want to.

    And I'm not crazy,
    We're young and our minds are lazy,
    And all I'm saying is your intriguing and I think that you're amazing and it's amazing,
    That I could feel this way about a girl,
    A girl so sparkling she's comparable to a pearl,
    So if you can get anything out of this, know,
    That my heart has just unfurled and blossomed into desire,
    And I need your fuel to ignite my fire and I think,
    I think once you fuel my fire the flame will blaze forever and never be able to tire,
    It's dire, for me to tell all of this to you,
    Because if I don't,
    Then I'm afraid I wont and I'll go through life empty,
    A lump forever in my throat and you really float my boat,
    And I wish I could sing so I could convey this not simply through this note.

    There are so many ways I want to tell you how I feel,
    Writing these words down is the way to make it real,
    Solidified in time by ink and cotton fibers,
    I won't conform myself to people you consider liars,
    I'll go higher,
    I'll be everything that you want and desire plus more,
    And if we ever argue, I won't keep score.
    I won't run a tally of things we do wrong,
    I'll focus only on things like your dreams and favorite songs.

    I won't judge your actions or things you might have said,
    Your love would lead me to the deepest shade of red and I read,
    That every person has a soul mate,
    So if you're open to change,
    It may not be too late.

    I'm not saying I'm that mate that will captivate your soul,
    But on a whole,
    All I want to do is lie in the grass and create a moment that I hope will forever last,
    And I don't want to move too fast,
    But I have to be brash when I say your love has left its mark more apparent than road rash,
    You left a lash,
    Unbeknownst to the mass and you have me hooked like a wide-mouthed bass,
    And I could speak in metaphors for what seems like forever.

    I see my love for you ubiquitously through everything around me,
    And when I stand in the confines of the towering trees I get this feeling in my knees,
    It makes me buckle to the ground and listen to every sound that life wants to throw at me.
    I hear birds chirping sweetly in my ears and the fluttering of butterflies who have no fears and simply float,
    Freely in the air without worries or cares and all that matters is the fact that nothing matters.
    As I lie unnerved in the dirt,
    Every single hurt I have flutters away with the butterflies to play and all I can do,
    Is think about you.
    And it's in moments like this that the things that I knew come out of my brain and as it starts to rain,
    I gain, serenity,
    In the reasons on why I exist on this plain.
    You become the main reason for why I exist,
    And it's hard to imagine myself before this,
    And how I could miss the abyss that I want to find endlessly in your kiss.

    Freely my spirit would float above the tops of the trees,
    And I would fly through the future where I see you and me,
    Just being to be,
    And we would be under those same trees,
    Lying side-by-side as my spirit cries a tear,
    For it knows the future is nowhere near,
    And it longs for the future because it knows you aren't here right now in the present,
    And my spirit becomes hesitant to go back to the present,
    Then it realizes it must go back,
    Because without going back it will throw this future out of whack,
    And so, It must be patient and virtuous.

    My spirit then journeys back in time to the present and presents my physical body with this information that becomes so prevalent,
    And I know now my time is well spent,
    And I think heavily of the journey that lies ahead and instead of sitting in reserve as my love preserves,
    I give you this poem to let you know what you deserve,
    And don't think this was easy for me because I had to work up all of the nerve, inside of me,
    To write down these feelings and emotions,
    Fearing that you'll reject me,
    Which is something that would stab deep into me,
    And it would release the happiness from inside of me and create a void,
    A void so vast it would be impossible to avoid,
    And I'm afraid you'll just become annoyed and think I'm just another empty-worded boy.

    It's up to you to determine if my words are true,
    And I'm also afraid this blew right over you and you weren't able to construe,
    That just by knowing you, my heart grew into something that I didn't know could ever be knew.
    So if you do misconstrue,
    My shade of red would turn to blue,
    And the glue that holds my heart from breaking into two would lose its solidification,
    And all of my creative natives would see me broken and wounded,
    And sympathize with my sad eyes and try and comfort my internal cries,
    But there would be nothing left to console because without your presence,
    I have no reason for a soul,
    And it would whither away into the bowl of the past,
    And be poured into the machine of things that didn't last and from there,
    It would be made into a cast that surrounds my heart.

    Without you, I become another physical being made of matter,
    Who has no feelings and lives only to blather and boast,
    And my mind turns into toast and my purpose to live becomes only to roast joints,
    And this thought anoints my brain,
    And thinking about it makes me go insane,
    And this thought has left me with an ugly stain and the only way to expunge this,
    Is if you take the plunge and lunge your lovely bleach and let it leech on the stain,
    And forever make it go away.

    Honestly, all I can offer is my honesty,
    And I'll have no jealousy if you just tell me how you feel about me and speak only truthfully,
    And hold nothing back,
    My subconscious is waiting for your subconscious to crack,
    And speak back.
    I write all of this as fact and in fact,
    I have packed all of the words that I can possibly pack into this poem that will express how I feel,
    And to be real,
    There will never be enough words to explain all of the thrills I get from the endless sea of your grace and beauty.

    This is all new to me, so if I'm doing it wrong or this has become too long,
    I'm sorry.
    I'm sorry for the right reasons though,
    I'm sorry your elegance has made my brain and pen flow,
    I'm sorry your well-being is more important than my Nintendo,
    I'm sorry that I need you more than the sunlight,
    I'm sorry I need you more than my own life,
    I'm sorry I sound trite and I'm repeating words that I already did write,
    And I'm sorry, that when I look at you my eyes become starry and my imagination takes over and my dreams become hardly bearable,
    Because you are the only variable to this parable and it's terrible,
    That in my dreams we have a love that gleams and everything I've said seems real.

    Waking up is daunting upon me,
    But I hope that my dreams will become my reality,
    And the vitality of such dreams create an immortality,
    And that sparks these eloquent words that can compare to the Tao Te Ching in deep meaning,
    I need a sneak preview if I'm going to attend the screening,
    And my dreams show hope,
    So I'll attend no matter who says I wont,
    And even if I am perceived as a dope,
    Because I am a dope.

    I am a dope for you.
    And from you being you,
    You roped me in and now I'm bound and there is nothing I can do,
    I'm tied to your essence,
    And you've tied a bow so massive that the masses have a sense of conception,
    And they become intrigued,
    And they hold a reception in order to understand how I can feel such a connection,
    And feel a resurrection of mind, body, and soul,
    And they want to understand how you're able to have this hold,
    I would be bold,
    And read this poem over and over until they all grow old and have all been told and understand.

    They will never understand though.
    How can they understand something I don't even fully understand,
    Because I'm just a man with an inquiry to a girl who could mean the world to me.
    My feelings hold great divinity,
    And they transcend any vicinity and go on for infinity.
    Believe me…Believe me.

    "Comatose Time Travel"

    Traveling in time I hope to find what I'm looking for.
    My current state cannot appease my desires.
    Maybe I'll find what I need at another point in time.
    Maybe I'll just become more lost.
    I can only leave it up to the kismet of time.
    By a random chance I might fall into a field of lilacs.
    Surrounded in tranquility I would lie for hours.
    Slowly becoming another victim of impertinence.

  2. Amazing.
    I like all three, but really felt the second one. WOW! Very deep.

    Thank you for sharing. I appreciate talent.
  3. I enjoyed your work thank you for sharing it with us :hello:

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