A few pictures from the drag strip

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  1. These were taken at our local 1/8th mile with a Canon S5 IS. If anyone wants it I can get the EXIF data but it's on the other side of the hard drive.


    First up, it's two guys from the Car Club that I'm in.


    This Demon is bad ass. As you can see, plenty of chassis twist, tire wrinkle, and a little bit of wheelie. :devious:


    Old school murdered '67 Camaro. My car will be getting the flat black treatment soon. It just looks mean.


    This is my buddy taking off on his Honda RC51. If anyone here is into bikes you'll know that this is no little scooter. She gets down! If anyone is interested, I'll ask him what his times were.

    Overall I'm happy with these. I'm not too serious about photography at the moment, but that has more to do with a lack of time than interest/knowledge. Thanks for checking out my work. C&C is welcome.
  2. Nice pic with the duster. I like how it shed the acton of the leaf spring something I need to study a bit longer.
  3. For these, it helped to know how to drag race. I was actually watching the tree to help me decide when to take the picture.

    Also, is it a Duster? I could definitely be wrong, this was last month sometime. Either way that thing got down.
  4. Well I am a racer myself. And looks very similar to a duster. a mopar l;aunched off leaf springs harder than any other make by a bunch. I just need to get mine up and running again for mid 9s in the 1/8th. 305 sbc stuffed in a 1989 s-10 blazer shell. mostly stock motor cam intake swap.
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    Nice DUDE!
    Now this is the crap I am into. Love watching races...especially BIKES!

    I am a Suzuki girl myself, but Hondas are cool.

    Looks like fun!!! Attached..some pics of my girls. (All three bikes are mine..I ride the Orange and Black 1000 on the street-Blue and White 600 is more for track...Hayabusa for distance rides)

    And the 69 Camaro is my fiances toy. He has a bike too, but I didn't attach here.

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  6. haha i like how i could tell that was VA just by the scenery
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    Cool. I love racing my little Cavalier. I've got an engine swap and I'm seeing high 9s right now, but it's a slow track, and kind of a slow car. Well, to me. I've got more plans for it though.

    And you're absolutely right, that car really dug in. It was fantastic to watch.

    Nice bikes. I really enjoy motorcycles as well, but don't have any money for one. I ride around a bit any chance I get, but it's usually not far cause it's just a friend's bike lol. The guy riding the RC51 used to have a GSXR 600, but he wrecked it, and it's now being made into a stunt bike, so that should be fun.

    Anyone that is into bikes would still get a kick out of the RC51. It's a 1000cc V-twin. Very torquey and it has a devilish sound...it's just sick.:D

    I got my car going again today so I will probably head out there next Friday and check out the scene. Would anyone be interested in more?
  8. I love sport bikes. Theyre so much faster then cars being stock. And cheaper.

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